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3 Factors to Consider with Bathroom Remodeling

Monday, July 10th, 2017

bathroom-interior-remodelingRemodeling your bathroom can be a very exciting prospect, increasing the utility and aesthetics of an important part of your home. Summer makes a great time to plan and schedule such an operation, because the weather rarely becomes a factor (unlike winter, when snow and cold complicate matters considerably). Proper planning with a trained plumber and contractor is essential regardless of the season, however. It lets you get a good idea of what is possible and spells out the specifics well before you start spending serious money on the project.

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3 Things to Consider With a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

bathroom-plumbing-remodelingBathroom remodeling projects can be very exciting and spring is the ideal time to plan for them, when the weather is agreeable and you can prepare for the operation at leisure. A reliable plumber with experience in remodeling can be your best friend during a bathroom remodeling project, helping you combine practical necessity with aesthetic impressions to provide an ideal new space in the place of your old wonky bathroom.

Every home is different and thus every remodeling project has unique needs and concerns. In general, however, there are 3 major things you should take into consideration and discuss with your contractor before beginning work on the project.

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New Baby? Consider these Additions to Your Bathroom

Monday, August 8th, 2016

A new baby is a wonderful addition to your Dumont, NJ home, and if you’re expecting or have recently delivered a child, allow us to extend our congratulations. It will obviously involve some huge changes to your lifestyle… and if you’re looking at the bathroom to your home, you may want to consider some renovations and upgrades to better accommodate your newest family member. Children will change and grow as they get older, and your  home — especially key locations like the bathroom — needs to change with it. If you’re interested in a remodeled bathroom to make that process easier, we have a few suggestions you should consider.

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Remodeling Your Bathroom to Help Elderly Family Members

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Most people remodel their bathroom for aesthetic reasons, or to correct design flaws like the awkward placement of a sink. But if you have an elderly family member living at home, or someone who has limited mobility, there may be an entirely different reason to conduct a bathroom redesign. You can remodel your bathroom to make it easier for them to function, helping erase some of the daily challenges they may face and improving not only their quality of life, but their self of independence as well. A good plumbing service can help with the planning and arrangements, and luckily, Dumont NJ has a service with the experience you need to help in such matters. Before that can happen, however, it helps to know just what kind of features are available, to give you an idea of what to plan for. We’ve included a brief list of some of the more popular options below.

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Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Monday, October 26th, 2015

A bathroom remodeling project can be very exciting, turning one of the most important parts of your home into the place you’ve always dreamed about. It’s important, however, to make sure you consult with a qualified plumber to keep the practical realities of bathroom design in line with your pie-in-the-sky visions. A good plumber here in Bergen County, NJ can find the sweet spot between dreams and reality, letting you make the bathroom you want and deserve within the time and money constraints of the project. The more you know going in, the easier that process will be. Here’s a few things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

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What Are Your Bathroom Sink Options?

Monday, August 24th, 2015

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, the possibilities can be intoxicating. You have the ability to fully transform your space into whatever you wish, and that includes key fixtures like your bathroom sink. You need to take care, however, to make sure that your pie-in-the-sky dreams still match practical reality. You’re going to need to use that sink every day, after all, and as such it needs to be easy to use as well as aesthetically pleasing. It helps if you have a basic idea of your bathroom sink options before you start the remodeling. We’ve outlined the most popular options below.

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3 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

A bathroom remodeling project can be a boon, providing a more pleasing and aesthetic look to one of the most important rooms in your home. A good remodeling expert can perform bathroom remodeling with the skill and aplomb to bring your vision to life, and here in Bergen County, NJ there are companies that can do a perfect job. But a great deal of planning needs to go into any operation, and the more concepts you can nail down beforehand, the better the results will be. Here are 3 considerations to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom.

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3 Key Guidelines for Bathroom Remodeling

Friday, May 30th, 2014

The bathroom isn’t a room in your house that you probably associate with glamour or style. But a professionally handled bathroom remodel can do marvels for your daily life, even if it’s a simple job that only replaces the fixtures.

Here are 3 good guidelines to consider when you arrange to have bathroom remodeling in Bergenfield, NJ.

Contact the skilled and experienced plumbing remodelers at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to get started with planning for your new, beautiful bathroom.

I. Plumbing replacement is your friend

When redesigning a bathroom, you might consider leaving the pipes alone and concentrate on changing the fixtures, such as the faucets and the toilet. However, the pipes of your bathroom will be exposed during the remodel, and that means you have an opportunity to replace aging pipes. Even better, a full repiping gives you more freedom to remake the bathroom whatever way you want. You no longer have to work the remodel around the pipes!

II. Make the bathroom less water-wasteful

A bathroom remodel can be about more than increasing the bathroom’s attractiveness with better fixtures. It can be about a more water-efficient bathroom that reduces your water use by almost 30%. With the addition of low-flow sink faucets, showerheads, and installation of a low-flow toilet, you can make the bathroom one of the main sources of water saving in your home. (The planet will thank you as well.)

III. Remember to look after your luxury

Don’t think of a bathroom remodel as strictly a chore. This is a chance to enhance one of the most important and often used rooms in your house to make it more pleasant for everyone. All the changes in the bathroom don’t have to center around purely utilitarian tasks. Add in a whirlpool bathtub for relaxation. Opt for a classy vessel or pedestal sink to give the room a fresh and stylish look. Ask your remodelers for suggestions on appliance replacements and additions that will make your new bathroom more luxurious.

It’s crucial that you depend on experienced plumbers for a bathroom remodel, since this room relies on water flow more than any other in your home. With the right plumbers on your side for your bathroom remodel in Bergenfield, NJ, such as the ones at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., you can feel assured that you will receive the remodel that will make your bathroom more beautiful, luxurious, and water-conserving.

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Things to Remember When Remodeling Your New Jersey Bathroom

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Remodeling your New Jersey bathroom plumbing can be a great way to not only make it look better and more inviting, but also make it more environmentally friendly, while giving the resale value of the whole house an upgrade.

As with any big home project, there are some caveats and tips to doing it right. Here are some of those tips to consider before diving right in:

  • Before starting on your bathroom or any remodeling project, work out a budget first. Establish what you want it to look like and how much you have to spend, then choose the options that fit into that framework. There are few things worse than having a bathroom left unfinished because you ran out of money halfway through the job.
  • Remodeling is a great opportunity to assess the ventilation in your bathroom and upgrade it if necessary. Proper ventilation improves air quality and prevents mold growth and water damage, so an upgrade in equipment can be an investment that is well worth the expense.
  • As tempting as it may be to make wholesale, sweeping changes to everything in your existing bathroom, it will be more difficult if you move plumbing around. It can extend the time it takes for the job to be done. Is it really worth an extra week of work to have the tub against another wall?

Keep those tips in mind as you consider that bathroom remodeling job, and you are likely to have the whole experience work out much more pleasantly for you.

If you have any questions, talk to the New Jersey bathroom remodeling experts, BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating!

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Closter Plumbing Question: How Much Water Will I Save with a Low Flow Toilet?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

There are many reasons why you might want to save water in your Closter home. Not only does it save you money, cutting down on your annual water bill, but it allows you to do your part in reducing your impact on the environment. And of all the appliances and plumbing fixtures in our homes, the toilet is among the worst offenders when it comes to wasting water.

That is why the advent of the low flush toilet has been very well received. While the 1.6 gpf toilet (standard toilets are 3.5 gpf) was originally invented in the 1990s, it is only now becoming more widespread as issues with things like clogging and multiple flushes were commonplace with the earliest models.

So, how much water can a low flush toilet actually save you? On average a 3.5 gpf toilet uses around 27,300 gallons of water per year. By comparison the 1.6 gpf toilet uses only 12,500 gallons per year. That is less than half as much water. With the average toilet using up to 30% of the daily water flow in a home, it is a fantastic way to cut back on your environmental footprint, and if your water bills tend to be high, it will severely reduce them as well.

Other Ways to Save Water

Low Flush Toilets are a great way to cut back on the amount of water we use in our homes, but there are other ways as well. In terms of fixtures, low flow shower heads are very popular right now and can help to cut back another 15% of your annual water use. You can also purchase lower flow faucets for your kitchen and bathroom sinks. High quality hot water heaters that provide hot water as needed are also good for reducing water use as you will not need to leave the faucet or bath running for any period of time.

Whether you want to cut a few dollars from your monthly bill or simply want to do your part to protect our environment, a low flush toilet is definitely the way to go, especially if you are remodelling or moving into a new home and the choice is there for you to take. If you have any questions about how to cut down on water use in your Closter home, give BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating a call today!

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