What To Do If Drano Isn’t Working

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Boilers rank among the most popular heating systems across the country because of their low initial price, remarkable longevity, limited maintenance requirements, clean heat, and quiet operation. You probably have placed a boiler high on your list for possible heating installation in your new home, or for replacing an older system in your current home.

However, a boiler isn’t an item you pull off a rack. There’s a great variety to choose from: you want a boiler the right size to heat your home, and also one that fits with your current fuel source. Picking out a boiler can feel arduous if you approach it unprepared. We’ll provide you some help here, but we can’t tell through a blog post what your specific needs are. For that, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with us to go over what type and size of boiler in your Fair Lawn, NJ home will do the best job. BZ Dependable is ready to help you.

Fuel needs

Boilers have used many different fuel sources over the years, starting with wood (many of those are still around). But today three fuel types are common: natural gas, electricity, and oil. If your home is already equipped for a specific fuel type, this will help narrow your choice. In general, gas-powered boilers are the most popular, providing high energy-efficient performance and low repair needs. Oil-powered boilers provide efficient heat, but cost more to maintain. Electric boilers are more expensive to run because of the cost of electricity.


A boiler needs to be sized correctly to handle your home’s heating requirements. This isn’t a case of “the bigger, the better.” There is no right side to err on, since a boiler that’s too large will cause you as many migraines as a small one. An oversized boiler will raise the temperature so fast, it will shut down before completing its cycle, which increases wear and tear. Sizing a boiler requires special calculations from a professional. These calculations compile your home’s size, the number of people who live there, insulation, windows, and more into an equation that will point you toward the right size boiler.

BZ Dependable is ready to help you select and install your boiler in Fair Lawn, NJ. If you currently have a boiler that uses oil, BZ Dependable specializes in oil-to-gas conversions—which can help make your home more environmentally friendly. Contact us today whatever your needs are for heat this coming winter.

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The heating system for any home consists of numerous parts, and the thermostat is one of the smaller pieces: compared to the tank of a boiler, the little unit on the wall seems almost like a toy. But the thermostat is where the homeowner interacts with the heater. Without a thermostat, the heater is almost useless as a comfort system.

It’s likely you don’t spend much time around the boiler tank, or looking at the heating elements installed in your radiant heating system. But you pass the thermostat many times each day. You should know more about how this small device can contribute—or inhibit—effective heating in your home.

If you have a thermostat that’s running normally, you can start getting more effective heating right now with only a simple change: lower its temperature. Chances are it’s too high. You might think that 75°F is a good temperature to stay warm, but if you drop down to 68°F, you’ll still get a comfortable temperature (and maybe not even have to put on an extra layer) and energy savings that could add up to 18% per year. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy.)

It helps to have a digital thermostat, since the precision from these newer models is far superior than the old models with manual sliders and dials. If you decide to upgrade to digital, make sure it’s a programmable model, since this allows you finer control of the temperatures: you don’t even have to be there! You can have the heat off while you are away at work, and have it turn on a half hour before you return so you’re never left with a cold house, and never get stuck with a warm house when you don’t need one.

Thermostats can malfunction like any mechanical device. A thermostat that’s miscalibrated so it reads temperatures incorrectly can make it tough to heat your home the way you want to. You’ll have a hard time locating the correct energy-saving temperature, and if you have a digital thermostat, it might start shutting the heater on and off at the wrong times. This will cost you on your power bills and make your home uncomfortable.

If you want to replace an old thermostat with a new one, keep in mind that the variety of voltages and currents in a thermostat means that you can’t simply select a model and try to put it in. It requires professional knowledge to install. Turn to a trusted company, like that of BZ Dependable, where we take “dependable” seriously enough that we put it in our name. For thermostat issues or any other troubles with heating in Englewood, NJ, depend on BZ Dependable.



boiler should have a spot on any shortlist of heating systems to consider when you’re looking for a new installation. Although there is no heating system that will work for every home, boilers remain one of the most flexible types available, and have maintained their popularity for many decades for good reasons. We’ll provide you with three of the best reasons below.

If installing a boiler in Fair Lawn, NJ looks like it’s in your future, then contact BZ Dependable. We’ll help you choose a model, and then install it right the first time.

1. Clean air

Indoor air quality presents a major health concern in the United States according to the EPA. The dust, debris, and other contaminants blown about from ducts in homes can cause numerous health issues. However, you won’t have to worry about a boiler lowering the air quality, since boilers do not use forced air to heat your home. Instead, they channel hot water to radiators and baseboard heaters, and the warmth that radiates off them raises the temperature without any indoor air pollution.

2. Even heating

If you’ve had problems before with heating systems that leave some rooms ice cold and others an inferno, you won’t have to worry about that much with boilers. They spread heat evenly to give you an overall comfort in your home.

3. Long lifespan

With few moving parts, boilers are far less prone to repair needs than furnaces, and maintenance on them is simpler. A well maintained boiler may also last longer than a furnace or a heat pump, giving you long-term savings.

There are even more advantages than these—quiet operation, energy efficiency—which make boilers great home heating solutions. But you need professional advice in order to make the best choice for your home. Have a technician analyze your current heating system to see what needs to be done to make a boiler work with your home—if it is indeed the right choice.

If you do decide on a boiler, make sure you have experts install it so it won’t develop leaks or other repair needs. BZ Dependable has done quality boiler installation, repair, and maintenance for many years. We’re as dependable as our name, so make us your pick for installing a boiler in Fair Lawn, NJ.

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Winter always arrives sooner than we think. Before the deep cold hits, you need to know that your home heating system can handle the months between now and spring. As you start turning your heater on during the fall, pay close attention to any signals of trouble that might warn you that you need to schedule repairs. Fall is the best time to get these crucial fixes done: not only will you beat out the harsher winter months, but you can take advantage of the slower season for HVAC technicians.

For some of the best-trained technicians available to handle that urgent heating repair in Westwood, NJ, contact BZ Dependable!

1. Strange noises from your heater

A tell-tale sign of a problem is when your heater suddenly begins making unusual noises. A rumbling sound from your boiler tank can indicate that it’s overheating because of sediment build-up. Because of the many possibilities that might cause strange noises, get an HVAC technician to help you understand what is happening and how it can be fixed.

2. Uneven heating

There are other culprits for uneven heating that have nothing to do with your heating system, such as drafty rooms and poor insulation. But if your home is well sealed up, then the cause of the uneven heat might be malfunctions connected to the heater. If you use a boiler, there may be trouble with the pipes that circulate hot water around your home. With radiant floor heating, some of the heating elements could have failed. These are major concerns that need expert attention, fast.

3. Unexpected jumps in energy bills

You expect to see a rise in your energy costs during the heating season. But if your bills seem abnormally high, it is usually a warning that your heater is not working as efficiently as it once was. Anything from leaks, to dirt build-up, to electrical problems can cause your heater to overwork itself trying to get back to its target temperature. You’ll need a professional to analyze the problem and discover what is causing the extra power drain.

Don’t let these warning signs, even ones that seem insignificant, go too long without attention. The issue can rapidly become larger and lead to more malfunctions… and eventually to a complete breakdown of the system—probably during the coldest day of the year! Get a head start to stop winter emergencies: call BZ Dependable for heating repair in Westwood, NJ the moment you have a problem you can’t solve on your own.


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