The bathroom isn’t a room in your house that you probably associate with glamour or style. But a professionally handled bathroom remodel can do marvels for your daily life, even if it’s a simple job that only replaces the fixtures.

Here are 3 good guidelines to consider when you arrange to have bathroom remodeling in Bergenfield, NJ.

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I. Plumbing replacement is your friend

When redesigning a bathroom, you might consider leaving the pipes alone and concentrate on changing the fixtures, such as the faucets and the toilet. However, the pipes of your bathroom will be exposed during the remodel, and that means you have an opportunity to replace aging pipes. Even better, a full repiping gives you more freedom to remake the bathroom whatever way you want. You no longer have to work the remodel around the pipes!

II. Make the bathroom less water-wasteful

A bathroom remodel can be about more than increasing the bathroom’s attractiveness with better fixtures. It can be about a more water-efficient bathroom that reduces your water use by almost 30%. With the addition of low-flow sink faucets, showerheads, and installation of a low-flow toilet, you can make the bathroom one of the main sources of water saving in your home. (The planet will thank you as well.)

III. Remember to look after your luxury

Don’t think of a bathroom remodel as strictly a chore. This is a chance to enhance one of the most important and often used rooms in your house to make it more pleasant for everyone. All the changes in the bathroom don’t have to center around purely utilitarian tasks. Add in a whirlpool bathtub for relaxation. Opt for a classy vessel or pedestal sink to give the room a fresh and stylish look. Ask your remodelers for suggestions on appliance replacements and additions that will make your new bathroom more luxurious.

It’s crucial that you depend on experienced plumbers for a bathroom remodel, since this room relies on water flow more than any other in your home. With the right plumbers on your side for your bathroom remodel in Bergenfield, NJ, such as the ones at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., you can feel assured that you will receive the remodel that will make your bathroom more beautiful, luxurious, and water-conserving.

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If you’ve experienced clogs in your plumbing system, you may have heard the term “hydro jetting” mentioned as a possible solution. The process is highly effective, though it takes professional training and equipment to properly work. Here in Westwood, hydro jetting can be applied to a wide variety of clogs and back-ups. But how does hydro jetting work? And more importantly, why is it preferable to store-bought cleansers and similar solutions?

The process entails a high-pressure hose, fitted to your plumbing, which sends a blast of water down the pipe. The water is sent down in pulses, which thoroughly scours the pipe and breaks up any clogs or blockages that it may encounter. The process requires training because of the extreme high pressure of the water. It has to be directed properly and the hose must be fitted into the pipe firmly regardless of its size or composition. Otherwise, the water could damage your kitchen or even cause you harm.

Having said that, a trained plumber can operate the system safely, and its effectiveness cannot be denied. Hydro jetting can scour even the most stubborn clog clean. Moreover, it cleans the entire pipe, not just the spot of the clog. That means it can halt future clogs before they begin, giving you a great deal of value for the money. Best of all, because it’s only water, it won’t cause any caustic reactions or burn your skin if you spill it. And the pipes themselves are left completely untouched: clean and ready to be used for whatever you need.

Hydro jetting might not be the best solution for the most minor clogs, but if you’re experiencing a stubborn back-up and aren’t sure how best to deal with it, it can be a godsend. The experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. can explain how hydro jetting works, and have considerable experience applying it to plumbing back-ups of all types.

Here in Westwood, hydro jetting is a reliable solution that needs to be applied by people with the right skills. Give us a call today, and we’ll show you what skill and experience can do!

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When most people think of water heaters, they think of the traditional tanked models that sit in the garage or basement. They heat the water in a large tank which sits idle until you’re ready to use it. You may not know, however, that those aren’t the only types of water heaters available. Tankless models work by passing water through heated metal coils on their way to the faucet, warming them instantly and skipping the need to maintain a large tank. You can find both tanked and tankless water heaters in Emerson, but which one is right for you? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Tanked or Tankless for Your Water Heater?

The biggest benefit of tankless water heaters is that they use less energy than tanked models. Because they operate on a “needs only” basis, they don’t waste any energy, and monthly bills on them can often be quite a bit less. They’re also smaller than tanked models, meaning that you can set them up in out-of-the-way locations like under the sink or above the shower.  That makes them extremely convenient, as well as cost-effective: saving you a great deal of money in monthly costs.

On the other hand, tankless water heaters tend to cost more to install than a tanked model does. Because they’re smaller, they usually work on just one outlet or room, which means you likely need to install multiple units in order to cover the whole house. They also struggle with larger demands, making them excellent for smaller households but problematic for large families or homes that need a lot of water.

Generally speaking, tankless water heaters are well worth the investment if your needs are limited to a one- or two-bathroom house. They also may be excellent options for vacation homes that might not see a lot of use for most of the year. Otherwise, the more traditional type of water heater is probably best. If you’re considering a tankless water heater, Emerson residents have options with BZ Dependable.

We can discuss options with you and help to decide between tanked vs tankless water heaters before installing the system. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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Drain cleaning is a job you’ll need to have done whenever you experience trouble with your drains (clogs, high water pressure) and on an annual basis to maintain the quality of your plumbing. However, you cannot do a thorough job of cleaning drains on your own: you must rely on the expertise and equipment that is only available from professional plumbers.

To schedule drain cleaning in Westwood, NJ, call the skilled plumbing team at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. We offer free estimates for your plumbing projects.

Here are 3 reasons to rely on professional plumbers for drain cleaning

  • Because commercial drain cleaners will not do the job: If you think that you can purchase a bottle of commercial drain cleaner from the store to handle this task, think again. These chemicals are highly acidic and toxic. They will eat away at the insides of drainpipes, leave behind toxic fumes, and burn skin and eyes. No professional plumber recommends using these products: they’ve seen the negative results too many times.
  • Professionals have the right cleaning equipment: Some drain cleaning devices are available in stores, like manual drain augers. But professional plumbers have high-end equipment like hydro-jetters and motorized drain augers that are too expensive for commercial use and too complicated for anyone without proper training to handle. (Hydro-jetting is potentially dangerous without experience.) Plumbers also have access to cleaning agents like BioSmart that leave no toxic residue behind.
  • Professionals have video inspection equipment: Drain cleaning involves more than just sending hydro-jetters, drain snakes, or non-acidic cleaning agents down a drain. Plumbers must know what sort of cleaning needs to be done and where it needs to be done. Thanks to video inspection equipment (miniaturized cameras mounted on thin fiber-optic cables), plumbers can examine drains from the inside and identify the work they need to do without disruptive methods to reach the pipes.

We know it’s tempting to take short-cuts with drain cleaning. But in the long-run these short-cuts won’t save you time and money: you’ll still have dirty pipes, and you may have damaged pipes. Save yourself future headaches and expenses and go right to the professionals for your drain cleaning in Westwood, NJ.

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Leaks: the Great Enemy of All Plumbing. Even a minute leak, no larger than a pinhole, can cause immense damage to a home and waste a few hundred gallons of water a year. But these are not the worst aspects of leaks. The major problem leaks present is… finding them in the first place.

When a pipe breaks and water floods out, or your sink faucet begins to annoyingly drip water, you’ll immediately know you have a problem and can call a plumber. But this only covers a few of the possible places where leaks can occur in your plumbing. The majority occur in spots out of sight: behind walls and under floorboards, beneath concrete slabs, hidden in unused rooms. The best way to find these disguised leaks is to hire a plumber skilled in leak detection and armed with the equipment to get the job done.

For plumbers to handle the leak detection that will rescue your plumbing in Westwood, NJ (and maybe rescue your home as well!), contact BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Professional leak detection

There are some signs to watch for that can indicate hidden leaks plaguing your pipes. Discolored spots on walls, slight warping in floorboards (watch for doors that become harder to close because of shifting boards), odd bulges under carpets, the growth of mold or mildew, and unexplained spikes in your water bills… all of these can warn that leaking is happening somewhere in your pipes, probably in multiple places.

Professional leak detection both locates where leaks are occurring and helps plumbers perform precision repairs that will cause the least amount of damage to your home’s building materials. Plumbers use sound equipment and pressure detection devices to pinpoint the leaks, then remove only enough construction material to reach the damaged pipe and seal the break. The plumbers won’t stop with the obvious repairs, however: they will examine your plumbing for other leaks that might have started and also deduce the reason the leaking started in the first place.

Leaking must be stopped as soon as possible

One of the great dangers of leaks in plumbing is that they are insidious. A single leak will grow, and it will cause other leaks to start. If a rise in water pressure was responsible, then the leaking problem will rapidly increase.

Even if a leak remains isolated, the development of standing water can destroy wood and drywall, and create an environment for the growth of mold and mildew that will speed up the rate of damage. And even the smallest leak will waste enough water to affect your utility bills.

Call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for the help with your plumbing in Westwood, NJ that will locate and stop leaks and prevent future leaking problems.


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