Are you a do-it-yourselfer who loves the idea of doing your entire kitchen or bathroom remodel by yourself (or with the help of a few friends)? We think it’s great to have that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve sanded, sawed, spackled, and painted a part of your home with little help. What’s not so great is the feeling of uncertainty after you’ve installed an important plumbing component without much experience.

Look, we’re all for DIY work when it comes to some things. But when remodeling involves any change to the plumbing, you’re going to need a professional plumber on the job. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot that can go wrong without it.


Local plumbers are just about guaranteed to have a pretty good grasp on local building codes. And getting your home up to code is important. When attempting a remodel on your own, you might end up with too little space between fixtures or inaccurate pipe slopes and other problems.

And that can really hurt you in the long run. When it comes time to sell your home, you might have a lot of trouble if an inspection reveals code violations. Besides, building codes are there for a reason! If you’re in violation, it may be due to improper drainage or a similar issue, and you’ll notice the repercussions.


Look, in all honesty, do-it-yourself plumbing is probably more trouble than it is worth. There’s always the risk that something could go wrong.

  • Improper sealing could lead to leaks.
  • The wrong slope could mean improper drainage, frequent clogs, and possible backup.
  • You might experience reduced water pressure due to improper pipe installation.

And in this case, you’ll have to pay even more to fix the problem. To be honest, our plumbers end up fixing a lot of DIY mistakes. Is it really worth it?


Why spend money on materials for a remodel when plumbers already have the right tools for the job? Sure, you’ll have to pay for any new fixtures or piping used, but at least you won’t have to pay for new plumbing tools that you’ll only use once! A good plumber keeps a fully-stocked truck and can finish installation of new plumbing components quickly.


Here’s the thing: hiring a plumber to help you out doesn’t mean you suddenly lose control of the project. A plumber can help you figure out which fixtures are the right fit for your bathroom or kitchen and whether or not something is up to code, but beyond that, you’re still in control of the project.

Hiring a plumbing contractor does not mean settling for less or missing out on a DIY opportunity. It means that you care enough about your home to make sure its plumbing components are in the right hands.

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Remodeling your bathroom can be a very exciting prospect, increasing the utility and aesthetics of an important part of your home. Summer makes a great time to plan and schedule such an operation, because the weather rarely becomes a factor (unlike winter, when snow and cold complicate matters considerably). Proper planning with a trained plumber and contractor is essential regardless of the season, however. It lets you get a good idea of what is possible and spells out the specifics well before you start spending serious money on the project.

Every bathroom is different, and the specific goals of your remodeling project will be as unique as your space. Your contractor can help you nail down the details for your specific needs. There are a few general guidelines that can help you in the planning stages, however. Following them will help your project move smoothly and assist in obtaining the results you want.


Some bathroom remodeling projects are intended only to improve the aesthetics of the space, and if you’re trying to get rid of the avocado green 70s tiling on your bathroom counter, we can definitely relate. But in the effort to make your bathroom look better, it can be easy to overlook the fact that you’ll need to use it every day, along with all of the fixtures in it. A platform sink may look fantastic, but if it doesn’t leave you with any counter space to put your toiletries, it’s going to leave you and your family very frustrated. You can pursue purely aesthetic components, of course, but should always balance them against more practical concerns.


Similarly, there is only so much you can fit into a given bathroom, no matter how creatively you arrange the various components. Make sure you always have enough space to make the bathroom comfortable. That includes things like leg room for the toilets, and sufficient space between multiple sinks for two or more people to use them comfortably. In some cases, that may mean dropping or modifying certain components in order to make the space function.


You might not be able to get everything you want into your new bathroom, either because of the factors detailed above, of because your budget simply can’t fit it. The best approach is to write down all of the things you want to see in your new bathroom, then rank the list in order of priority, from most desired to least desired. You and your plumber can go through the list and determine how many items on it can be met by the project. That way, when the time comes to perform the remodeling, there’s no question about what needs to be done, and no confusion about what’s involved: helping the operation proceed swiftly and effectively without wasting any money.

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Bathroom remodeling projects can be very exciting and spring is the ideal time to plan for them, when the weather is agreeable and you can prepare for the operation at leisure. A reliable plumber with experience in remodeling can be your best friend during a bathroom remodeling project, helping you combine practical necessity with aesthetic impressions to provide an ideal new space in the place of your old wonky bathroom.

Every home is different and thus every remodeling project has unique needs and concerns. In general, however, there are 3 major things you should take into consideration and discuss with your contractor before beginning work on the project.


Before beginning anything, you should draw up a list of the things you’d like to see in your new bathroom, starting with the issues that led you to consider a remodeling in the first place. It may be a cosmetic issue like outdated tiles and fixtures that you’d like to see replaced. It may be something more substantive like adjusting your sink to provide more room or swapping out old and corroded plumbing pipes.

Whatever the issue, there are likely multiple things you’d like to see in your new bathroom. You should begin the process by making a list of all of them, and then ranking them in order of importance to you. That allows you to establish what really matters to you and what can be dropped (usually because it can’t work in light of costs, or because other aspects of the project with a higher priority will render it impractical to pursue). That way, both you and your contractor have a basis for determining what exactly the remodeling project will entail.


Regardless of how a bathroom looks, it needs to perform a number of basic services on a daily basis in order for your household to function. That includes daily bathing, grooming, and toilet use. While an aesthetic addition to a bathroom, such as a pedestal sink, may ignore certain practicalities (such as the need for counter space to put your toiletries), your design preferences merit consideration as well. This is part of why a trained and experienced contractor is so vitally important. It gives you a trained eye to determine where conflicts between the look and the purpose of your new bathroom lie and how best to resolve them.


Besides the budgetary limits to the project, the only other hard fast line is the amount of square footage in the space. There are only so many outlets and fixtures that can be squeezed into the space, and for each one, you need to have enough space to operate the fixture comfortably. Depending upon the number of family member who use the bathroom, there may need to be additional square footage devoted to maneuvering room as well. Again, an experienced plumbing contractor can discuss the specifics with you and ensure that your bathroom remains functional and convenient.

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Home sales experience a big upswing in spring, when the temperature warms and everyone is looking for a fresh start. If you’re looking at putting your house on the market, that’s the ideal time to do so. But houses often need work if they’re going to be market-ready and a little investment now can pay big dividends when it’s time to settle on a closing price. Before putting your home on the market, you need to assess its current status, especially key areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. If it’s in your budget, a quality remodeling project could be just what you need.


On its most basic levels, a remodeling project can provide aesthetic value for your home when you show it to potential buyers. The fixtures aren’t worn, the countertops look brand new and if there are any lingering practicality issues – for example, a toilet that doesn’t provide enough legroom – it’s a chance to address them and eliminate a potential deal-breaker before the first open house.


Every home is different and the needs of yours depend on its current parameters and condition. When planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, however, there are a few general tips you should factor in.

  • Look for ways to enhance the practicality of the space: adding more counter space, for example, or exchanging a bathtub (which few people use) with a stand-up shower.
  • Keep the aesthetics pretty but generic. Your individual tastes may not match the tastes of your potential buyers, and a pleasing space that lets them imprint their own designs into it makes a better selling point than a pleasing space that matches one particular set of tastes.
  • Plumbing matters. At the end of the day, quality pipes and fixtures matter more than the surface details. Smart buyers look at the “bones” of the house – the components intended to last a long time – when making their decisions.

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A new baby is a wonderful addition to your Dumont, NJ home, and if you’re expecting or have recently delivered a child, allow us to extend our congratulations. It will obviously involve some huge changes to your lifestyle… and if you’re looking at the bathroom to your home, you may want to consider some renovations and upgrades to better accommodate your newest family member. Children will change and grow as they get older, and your  home — especially key locations like the bathroom — needs to change with it. If you’re interested in a remodeled bathroom to make that process easier, we have a few suggestions you should consider.


Slippery surfaces can be dangerous when it comes to new babies. You’ll have your hands full with bathing duties, tub duties and toilet training, among other things. You don’t want your child to slip and you don’t want to slip yourself. Look for surfaces with matte finishes or similar non-slip features.


Harsh corners can be problematic for new babies, both on counter tops and on faucet fixtures. Look into fixtures that have smooth edges, and perhaps larger controls, so that your child  can safely use the faucets as he or she gets older.


Things like towel rings and handles can be formally lowered, making it easier for your child to reach them when he or she comes of age. This is especially important in the shower or bathtub, allowing them to steady themselves when showering or bathing.


It goes without saying that you should use plugs and other safety measures on all electrical outlets in the home, For the bathroom, if  you haven’t done so already, look into installing ground fault circuit interrupters for all electrical outlets in the bathroom.

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Most people remodel their bathroom for aesthetic reasons, or to correct design flaws like the awkward placement of a sink. But if you have an elderly family member living at home, or someone who has limited mobility, there may be an entirely different reason to conduct a bathroom redesign. You can remodel your bathroom to make it easier for them to function, helping erase some of the daily challenges they may face and improving not only their quality of life, but their self of independence as well. A good plumbing service can help with the planning and arrangements, and luckily, Dumont NJ has a service with the experience you need to help in such matters. Before that can happen, however, it helps to know just what kind of features are available, to give you an idea of what to plan for. We’ve included a brief list of some of the more popular options below.


Sitting on the toilet is something we all do every day, but because toilets are usually one-size-fits-all, that can cause problems for someone with limiter mobility. The solution is to install a comfort height toilet sized to fit your family member, allowing him or her to more comfortably sit on it, and to get on and off with as little assistance required as possible. In some cases, this may also mean adjusting nearby counter spaces and other impediments to give your family member room to maneuver on and off.


Many showers in modern bathrooms are part of a bathtub, which can prove troublesome for invalid family members who may need to step over the side of the tub. That can be easily modifier to become a walk-in or a roll-in shower: eliminating the tub, but allowing free and easy access for cleaning.

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Remodeling jobs often take place in either the kitchen or the bathroom, where plumbing fixtures become the focus of a great deal of attention. We use our sinks, showers and toilets more often than any other appliance in our homes, and as such, we want them to look their best while providing ideal practical service. When one or more elements are off, it can drive you up the wall. The good news is that there’s a service in Bergenfield, NJ that can help you with such modifications, either on their own or as part of a larger remodeling project. Why modify existing fixtures? Here’s a few thoughts.


Do you find yourself knocking things into your bathroom sink because you have no counter space? Or squeezing into the corner or your shower because the showerhead keeps spraying water out into the rest of the bathroom? Modifying an existing fixture to change those dimensions could be a straightforward and comparatively inexpensive way to handle the issue for good.


Far and away the most common reason to modify existing fixtures is because the home owner doesn’t care for the current aesthetics. In some cases, it’s the whole bathroom or kitchen that needs to change, and the fixture is being adjusted due to budgetary constraints. In other cases, the fixture just doesn’t match the rest of the area and needs an alteration to fit in with the look of the room. Either way, the fixture itself can be altered without having to go into a full-scale remodel.


Sometimes, it could simply be that your fixture isn’t up to snuff on a basic level: encountering frequent repairs and generally driving you nuts. In those cases, it may be beneficial to either change the whole fixture, or make alterations designed to cut down on wear and tear or other problems.

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A bathroom remodeling project can be very exciting, after all you’re increasing the utility and aesthetics of an important part of your home! It’s important, however, to make sure you consult with a qualified plumber to keep the practical realities of bathroom design in line with your pie-in-the-sky visions. A good Bergen County, NJ plumber can find the sweet spot between dreams and reality, letting you make the bathroom you want and deserve within your time and money constraints. The more you know going in, the easier that process will be to accomplish your vison. Here are a few things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

bathroom remodel

Make a Budget

Before starting on your bathroom or any remodeling project, work out a budget first. Establish what you want it to look like and how much you have to spend, then choose the options that fit into that framework. There are few things worse than having a bathroom left unfinished because you ran out of money halfway through the job.


Your bathroom only has a certain amount of space, and your budget is likely limited to a set dollar amount. While no one likes to make tough choices, the more prepared you can be for them, the better. It’s always a good idea to prioritize the changes you want to see – ranking them from most to least important on a tangible list. That way, you and your plumber can look it over and determine what can best be accomplished, and to make sure that, if you have to drop something, the choice is clear early on instead of during the remodeling itself (when it could cost you extra money).

Keep Day-to-Day Use In Mind

Make sure you factor that in to your design: including such factors as ease of access to each location, counter space for toiletries, the possible presence of multiple users at the same time, and so one. That way, you can still have the features you want without removing the area’s specific purpose.

Placement Matters

Any fixture in your new bathroom, from the toilet to the sink to the shower or bath, needs to be connected to the main plumbing system in your house. Any repositioning you want to do is going to have to factor that in and plan for additional piping to be laid where necessary.

Consider Plumbing Replacement

When redesigning a bathroom, you might think to leave the pipes alone and concentrate on changing the fixtures, such as the faucets and the toilet. However, the pipes of your bathroom will be exposed during the remodel which is the best an opportunity to replace aging pipes before it’s an emergency. Even better, repiping gives you more freedom to remake the bathroom whatever way you want. You no longer have to work the remodel around the pipes!

Is There Room?

There’s only so much square footage in a given bathroom, which means that you may be limited in what you do simply by virtue of square footage. That means more than adding fixtures that won’t fit into the space. It means you need enough space to get around comfortably: for instance, not having to scrunch up your legs every time you sit down to use the toilet.

Improve Water and Energy Usage

A bathroom remodel can be about more than making it look pretty with better fixtures. It can be about a more water-efficient bathroom that reduces your water use by almost 30%. . With the addition of low-flow sink faucets, showerheads, and installation of a low-flow toilet, you can make the bathroom one of the main sources of water saving in your home. 

Hire A Professional

Keep these tips in mind as you consider that bathroom remodeling job, and you are likely to have the whole experience work out much more pleasantly for you. For more things to consider when remodeling your bathroom or help with your kitchen remodel, call your local plumber and remodeling experts at BZ Dependable!

A kitchen remodeling project can be an amazing experience, transforming one of the most important spaces in the house into the kitchen you always wanted it to be. Here in Bergen County, NJ, there are plumbing services available to consult and plan your remodeling project with you before installing new pipes and fixtures to match your plans. The more preparation you can do with them, the fewer problems you will encounter and better off your final remodeling will be. Here are some things to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen.


Your kitchen faucet will need piping running from it to the rest of your indoor plumbing. The same goes for refrigerators if yours has a water dispenser and/or ice machine. Wet bars and the like may require running water as well. When planning locations for these all-important fixtures, make sure you know where the plumbing will lie in the walls or under the floor and that it won’t interfere with electrical wiring or similar points of interest.


Kitchen remodeling often means giving your kitchen a new aesthetic look, and for the most part, your options are wide open. But your kitchen also needs to be used on a day-to-day basis, sometimes by multiple people at once. Make sure you balance the visual look with practicality: ensure that you can still access key points easily, that you have ample counter space for your sink, and similar issues.


Our eyes tend to get big when we plan for remodeling, and homeowners sometimes make plans without considering the costs. By consulting with a trained plumber, you’ll know what’s possible for a kitchen remodeling and can marry the kitchen you see in your mind with the financial realities of the project.

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If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, the possibilities can be intoxicating. You have the ability to fully transform your space into whatever you wish, and that includes key fixtures like your bathroom sink. You need to take care, however, to make sure that your pie-in-the-sky dreams still match practical reality. You’re going to need to use that sink every day, after all, and as such it needs to be easy to use as well as aesthetically pleasing. It helps if you have a basic idea of your bathroom sink options before you start the remodeling. We’ve outlined the most popular options below.

  • Self-Rimming Sinks. These are among the most common bathroom sinks, also called “drop-in” sinks. They fit inside a hole cut in your counter-top, with a rim extending past the edges of the hole and helping to support the sink itself. It benefits from being inexpensive to install, though the rim may not match your aesthetic vision.
  • Pedestal Sinks. These are “stand-alone” models, mounted on their own stands which support the plumbing and drainage system. They can save a lot of space, and look great, but they often lack counter space to keep your toiletries on.
  • Wall-Mounted Sinks. Wall-mounted sinks differ little from pedestal sinks, save that they’re mounted to the wall, with the piping hidden inside the wall. They improve legroom and work best in small bathrooms without a lot of space.
  • Undermount Sinks. Undermount sinks are designed to fit beneath the countertop, or flush with them: allowing you to wipe up the counter easier without the lip of a self-rimming sink. That makes for an elegant combination of form and function, though it might not fit with your particular aesthetic design and they cost more to install than self-rimming sinks in many cases.

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