A new baby is a wonderful addition to your Dumont, NJ home, and if you’re expecting or have recently delivered a child, allow us to extend our congratulations. It will obviously involve some huge changes to your lifestyle… and if you’re looking at the bathroom to your home, you may want to consider some renovations and upgrades to better accommodate your newest family member. Children will change and grow as they get older, and your  home — especially key locations like the bathroom — needs to change with it. If you’re interested in a remodeled bathroom to make that process easier, we have a few suggestions you should consider.


Slippery surfaces can be dangerous when it comes to new babies. You’ll have your hands full with bathing duties, tub duties and toilet training, among other things. You don’t want your child to slip and you don’t want to slip yourself. Look for surfaces with matte finishes or similar non-slip features.


Harsh corners can be problematic for new babies, both on counter tops and on faucet fixtures. Look into fixtures that have smooth edges, and perhaps larger controls, so that your child  can safely use the faucets as he or she gets older.


Things like towel rings and handles can be formally lowered, making it easier for your child to reach them when he or she comes of age. This is especially important in the shower or bathtub, allowing them to steady themselves when showering or bathing.


It goes without saying that you should use plugs and other safety measures on all electrical outlets in the home, For the bathroom, if  you haven’t done so already, look into installing ground fault circuit interrupters for all electrical outlets in the bathroom.

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