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Commercial Video Camera Inspections in Teaneck, NJ

As a business owner, you have probably encountered at least one plumbing issue on your commercial property. Finding the root cause of a plumbing issue can be extremely challenging, particularly of the problem is deep in your system where there is no visibility – unless your commercial plumbing pro has a video pipe inspection camera. The plumbing experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. have the latest tools available for the repair, maintenance and replacement of your commercial plumbing system, and one of these tools is our commercial video camera. These pieces of equipment are like having a pair of eyes right inside your plumbing system, and they allow us to see everything that is happening inside a particular pipe in real time. There’s no more need to struggle with plumbing issues in your commercial building when our plumbing pros can help with our expert drain snake cameras!

When you need to know what’s happening with your commercial plumbing system in Teaneck, NJ, it’s time to call the pros at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. for commercial video camera inspection services!

Pinpointing the Exact Location of a Repair

Even the most seasoned plumbing professionals can struggle with finding the location of a specific plumbing problem. But with the help of a drain snake video camera, it can take only a few minutes to find the exact location of a problem. How does it work?

A fiber optic camera is affixed to a drain snake and the snake is sent into your plumbing system. The video camera sends back real–time images to a laptop or tablet that your BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. pro is watching. The images are clear and definitive, giving your plumbing pro a bird’s eye view of the interior of the piping. Once the problem is located, it can be diagnosed correctly and a repair plan can be put into action.

Great for Maintenance, Too

There’s nothing like a serious plumbing problem to impact your business and your budget. However, when you schedule a video pipeline inspection as part of your annual plumbing maintenance, you can get ahead of potentially disruptive and costly repairs. Video pipe inspection helps do this because your BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. plumbing professional will be able to see clearly if any kind of problems are developing or already exist in your system.

For instance, if tree roots have infiltrated your building’s sewer line, they’ll be seen clearly to the camera. If significant build–up has developed in one of your drains, or corrosion has taken hold in a pipe, our pros will see it. Getting ahead of repairs is the best way to prevent them, so consider adding video camera inspection to your annual commercial plumbing maintenance.

Always Use a Professional

While it may sound easy snaking a camera down a drain, it isn’t. Snake drains in general should always be handled by a pro because they have the capability of doing damage to your plumbing if they aren’t operated correctly. Second, the cameras are professional–grade equipment. Odds are, you won’t have access to them, and if you do, they are expensive to purchase. The bottom line: it’s better to let our experts do the work. Call us today!

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