Bergenfield, NJ residents have to deal with a number of recurring problems with their plumbing, including hard water deposits which are a regular issue around here. The good news is that hard water is rarely harmful. It’s simply water with a higher-than-average mineral content, usually safe minerals like calcium and magnesium that your body can absorb safely. But hard water can cause considerable problems with your quality of life and your plumbing in subtle, but no less damaging ways.

A whole-house water softener installed in your plumbing system can curtail those problems and ensure they never bother you again. Here are 3 benefits to water softeners that you should consider. 

plumber performing water softener maintenance on water heater in Bergenfield


We like to perform a quick experiment to demonstrate how a water softener can clean your water. Fill an ice tray with water from your tap, then fill a second one with bottled water from the store. When the ice freezes, you can see how much cloudier the faucet water is. A water softener will change all of that, making drinking water taste better as well as improving the taste of food cooked with it.


A water softener will help remove that crusty white build-up on your faucet or shower head. But it will also make your showers more pleasant, eliminating the red raw feeling you may experience and helping you feel cleaner and more refreshed when you’re done.


Hard water has perhaps its biggest impact on your laundry. It causes clothes to wear out faster than they should, and bright colors will fade if exposed to load after load of hard water. With a water softener, your clothes will look brighter and last longer, helping you stretch your household budget as well as keeping build-up from interfering with your washing machine.

Water softening is an easy and useful way to help prevent sediment build up in you water heater and to eliminate issues like those mentioned above. But water softeners should be used in moderation and can also lead to build up in your water heater. For information about how to properly maintain your water heater when using water softeners read our blog post “What’s Standard Maintenance for a Water Softener.” Call us at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating for more information on how water softener can benefit your daily life and your Bergenfield plumbing.

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