Many homes in the Bergen County, NJ area rely on boilers and similar hydronic systems to heat their homes. They’re a very practical and easy to use system, relying on heated water to convey warm temperatures throughout your home. But like any system, they need repairs from time to time, and when they do, you need a professional plumbing services to handle it. The causes of such repair calls are myriad, but we’ve listed three of the most common repairs for boilers below. The more you can familiarize yourself with them, the better you can respond when they appear.

1.     LEAKS

Leaks are likely the most common problem in a boiler system, and the good news is that they can usually be repaired quite easily. They stem from corrosion within the pipes, or sometimes from poorly fitted components or similar connections. Spotting the leaks can be more troublesome, since the steam powering boilers can often cause the water to evaporate. Check the pressure gauge on your system to determine if any leaks are present, in addition to looking for water puddles or damp spots.


The ignition system lights the burners that heat up the tank and allow the boiler to do its job. When they break down, the boiler simply won’t work. Modern systems use electrical ignition, but older systems still use pilot lights, and both can be subjected to mechanical failure in the right circumstances.


Going hand in hand with leaking is the problem of overheating, which often happens when your boiler hasn’t been serviced in a while and sediment has built up in the tank. It lowers the amount of water the boiler can hold, which leads to overheating, higher pressure, and leaks. You can prevent this problem by scheduling regular maintenance sessions to clear out the sediment.

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