A sump pump is placed in the basement or crawlspace of your home, there to pull water out of the household and keep your property safe from the ravages of flooding. This is of especial concern here in Bergen County, NJ, where flooding is a common occurrence and the next heavy rain could wreak havoc on your home. But once your new sump pump is installed, you have to watch out for problems just as you would with any other major appliance. The worst thing that could happen is for you to turn on your pump as the water starts rising, only to find out that it has a serious repair issue. Good maintenance can prevent this, but it helps if you understand the nature of sump pump problems before calling them in.  Here are 3 of the most common:


Sump pumps run on electricity just like a lot of other appliances. Frayed or loose wires, and bad connections can cause trouble when it runs, even to the point or preventing the pump from turning on. You can avoid a lot of that by finding a spot for the pump that connects it to your home’s power grid without a fuss, then have it checked regularly to make sure the electrical components work as they should.


Sump pumps have a power load, and when you select yours, make sure it can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. That means you shouldn’t skimp when purchasing it. Otherwise, it can be overwhelmed by excessive rains. If you already have a sump pump and you aren’t sure it’s up for the job, look into installing a backup pump.


The discharge pipe needs to be clear in order for the sump pump to do its job. If it freezes or becomes clogged, the water will stay in the sump pit. Make sure it stays clear and keep a close eye on it if it’s operating in cold weather.

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