Drain cleaning is a job you’ll need to have done whenever you experience trouble with your drains (clogs, high water pressure) and on an annual basis to maintain the quality of your plumbing. However, you cannot do a thorough job of cleaning drains on your own: you must rely on the expertise and equipment that is only available from professional plumbers.

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Here are 3 reasons to rely on professional plumbers for drain cleaning

  • Because commercial drain cleaners will not do the job: If you think that you can purchase a bottle of commercial drain cleaner from the store to handle this task, think again. These chemicals are highly acidic and toxic. They will eat away at the insides of drainpipes, leave behind toxic fumes, and burn skin and eyes. No professional plumber recommends using these products: they’ve seen the negative results too many times.
  • Professionals have the right cleaning equipment: Some drain cleaning devices are available in stores, like manual drain augers. But professional plumbers have high-end equipment like hydro-jetters and motorized drain augers that are too expensive for commercial use and too complicated for anyone without proper training to handle. (Hydro-jetting is potentially dangerous without experience.) Plumbers also have access to cleaning agents like BioSmart that leave no toxic residue behind.
  • Professionals have video inspection equipment: Drain cleaning involves more than just sending hydro-jetters, drain snakes, or non-acidic cleaning agents down a drain. Plumbers must know what sort of cleaning needs to be done and where it needs to be done. Thanks to video inspection equipment (miniaturized cameras mounted on thin fiber-optic cables), plumbers can examine drains from the inside and identify the work they need to do without disruptive methods to reach the pipes.

We know it’s tempting to take short-cuts with drain cleaning. But in the long-run these short-cuts won’t save you time and money: you’ll still have dirty pipes, and you may have damaged pipes. Save yourself future headaches and expenses and go right to the professionals for your drain cleaning in Westwood, NJ.

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