Winter always arrives sooner than we think. Before the deep cold hits, you need to know that your home heating system can handle the months between now and spring. As you start turning your heater on during the fall, pay close attention to any signals of trouble that might warn you that you need to schedule repairs. Fall is the best time to get these crucial fixes done: not only will you beat out the harsher winter months, but you can take advantage of the slower season for HVAC technicians.

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1. Strange noises from your heater

A tell-tale sign of a problem is when your heater suddenly begins making unusual noises. A rumbling sound from your boiler tank can indicate that it’s overheating because of sediment build-up. Because of the many possibilities that might cause strange noises, get an HVAC technician to help you understand what is happening and how it can be fixed.

2. Uneven heating

There are other culprits for uneven heating that have nothing to do with your heating system, such as drafty rooms and poor insulation. But if your home is well sealed up, then the cause of the uneven heat might be malfunctions connected to the heater. If you use a boiler, there may be trouble with the pipes that circulate hot water around your home. With radiant floor heating, some of the heating elements could have failed. These are major concerns that need expert attention, fast.

3. Unexpected jumps in energy bills

You expect to see a rise in your energy costs during the heating season. But if your bills seem abnormally high, it is usually a warning that your heater is not working as efficiently as it once was. Anything from leaks, to dirt build-up, to electrical problems can cause your heater to overwork itself trying to get back to its target temperature. You’ll need a professional to analyze the problem and discover what is causing the extra power drain.

Don’t let these warning signs, even ones that seem insignificant, go too long without attention. The issue can rapidly become larger and lead to more malfunctions… and eventually to a complete breakdown of the system—probably during the coldest day of the year! Get a head start to stop winter emergencies: call BZ Dependable for heating repair in Westwood, NJ the moment you have a problem you can’t solve on your own.

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