3 Ways to Prevent Drain Clogs – From Your Bergen County Plumber

plumber clearing clogged drain in Bergen County

Drain clogs care among the most common problems encounters by homeowners in their plumbing. Nothing can be more disconcerting than watching the water in your kitchen or bathroom sink backing up into the basin. You can (and should) count on quality Bergen County plumbers to handle any drain clog, but even better than calling the right repair service is preventing the clog from happening in the first place. Here are 3 ways to do that:


Most people know better than the drop chicken bones or peach pits down their kitchen drain. But beware also of pasta (which can expand in your pipes), hot grease and fats (which will congeal when they cool) and vegetable peelings (which are fibrous and tough to get rid of), among other things. If there’s any question about whether you should pour it down the drain, get rid of it in the garbage can instead.


Drain traps can be used to catch food particles in the kitchen, and stop clogging materials like toothpaste and hair in the bathroom. That makes it easier to dispose of them in the trash instead of letting them pour down the drain and get clogged.


A handful of baking soda tossed down the drain and followed by hot water will help break up clogs before they start, as well as clean away food particles. It’s much safer than store-bought cleansers and when used as a preventative step, can often keep your drains free and clean.

Call For Drain Cleaning from Your Bergen County Plumbers

These steps will help keep your pipes clog-free, but for those times when even prevention can’t stop the clog from forming, then you have a reliable friend in BZ Dependable. Our Bergen County plumbers use advanced drain cleaning technologies and BioSmart drain treatment to keep your pipes clear and free, so pick up the phone and give us at BZ Dependable call today!

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