While in some cases, it is impossible to prevent a burst pipe; there are some preventive steps you can take to ensure that your pipes are well taken care of.  Insulation, proper installation, and routine maintenance are all important to upkeep the integrity of your plumbing. We’d like to review several major causes of pipe bursting so that you know what to look out for. If you’re at all concerned about your piping, call an excellent Fair Lawn, NJ plumber at BZ Dependabletoday!

  • Frozen pipes: During the winter, when temperatures dip below freezing point, your exposed pipes are at risk of freezing up. When water freezes, it expands; the pipes of your pressurized water supply line are full, and therefore subject to bursting. Winterizing the exposed sections of your plumbing is a good idea if there is any piping in your home that is not within the heated space. This includes any outdoor areas, including exterior faucets, but it also includes interior spaces, such as crawlspace, attic, outside walls. Pipe wrap, insulating tape, and foam are all materials that your local plumber may recommend.
  • Old age: Over time, and due to general wear and tear, your pipes may become fragile and prone to breakage. If your plumbing is old, you may want to have it inspected by a professional in order to determine if any sections are at risk of bursting in the near future.
  • Water pressure: While your wastewater disposal system uses gravity to move water out of your home, your supply line is pressurized. The pressure calibration needs to be exactly suited to the layout of your home so that it doesn’t exceed what the pipes and pipe connections can handle.

Pipe bursting can cause serious damage to your home. If it’s at all possible to prevent such accidents, make sure you take any necessary steps. For more information about pipe bursting, call a Fair Lawn, NJ plumber at BZ Dependable today!   

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