Water leaks are an inevitability with any plumbing system. Sooner or later, some fitting corrodes or some pipe loses integrity, turning into a drip (or a flow) in the last place you need it to be. If you’re a plumber in Bergenfield, you’ve seen your share of leaks, particularly during the winter when water freezes in the pipes and causes them to burst. The question remains: “should water leaks concern me?” The answer is “always,” even in circumstances where they don’t appear to cause much damage.

For starters, water leaks don’t simply go away on their own. The more time passes, the worse they become, and the more damage they can cause. Putting a bucket under the leak is a stopgap measure at best; without professional repairs, the situation won’t improve. Furthermore, leaks tend to cost you in higher water bills. Even if it’s just a dripping faucet, those little drips can add up to hundreds of gallons over the course of a year: enough to make you feel it when your monthly bills arrive.

Perhaps most importantly, pooling water proves to be more than just a mild annoyance. If left unattended it can ruin surrounding components in your house, from dry wall to wood fixtures, turning what should be a simple repair into a major restoration very quickly. This is of especial concern if the leak takes place in the walls or somewhere out of sight. You may not be aware of the damage until it’s far too late to prevent it, and your little leak has caused a great deal of trouble.

The good news about leaks is that they’re often fairly easy for a professional to repair. Replacing the leaky component doesn’t take an excessive amount of time and while some leaks require more extensive repairs, you can often save yourself a great deal of trouble and expense by starting the operation early. If you’re wondering “should water leaks concern me?” it’s probably time to call a plumber. In Bergenfield, the experts at BZ Dependable are standing by to help. Call us today and let us put those pesky leaks behind you.

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