BioSmart is composed of enzymes and bacteria that specifically work to clean organic detritus out of your drains. Large-scale sewage treatment plants often use bacteria in the same way, since they are organic and can break down biological waste without impacting the environment. BioSmart doesn’t get diluted by water or use; unlike chemical cleanser, it remains in your system for weeks, continuing to attack the clogs and food particles well after normal cleaners have been washed away.

Furthermore, not only does it remain harmless to the environment, but it protects you as well; you don’t have to worry about handling dangerous chemicals. BioSmart performs more efficiently than traditional chemical drains. Just one capful is enough to handle most clogs.

At BZ Dependable, we’re firm believers in BioSmart and the ways it cleaning and efficiently deals with drain issues. That’s why we use it with our Drain Maid maintenance program and similar drain treatment plans. With it, we can keep your drain problems from backing up, while letting your relax with the knowledge that the nearby environment is safe from harsher drain cleaning chemicals.

If your drain is causing problems and you want a greener alternative, calls us today to set up an appointment. Our trained plumbers serve all of Tenafly, NJ and surrounding communities. We can fill you in on the details of our maintenance plan and show you why BioSmart is the best way to handle stubborn clogs in your plumbing.

For more information, call a plumber in Tenafly, NJ you can trust – call BZ Dependable!

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