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Rust is the principle enemy of metal: the contact of water, oxygen, and iron results in oxidation that weakens metal until it crumbles and flakes away. Any appliance in your home that contains both metal and water is at risk of rust that will severely damage it. If your boiler begins to rust, it will turn into a serious problem that will put your whole heating system at risk.

So the short answer to the question, “When should I be concerned about rust on my boiler?” is all the time. If you see rust on any part of your boiler, you need to have it remedied with as soon as possible. Corrosion spreads, and if not stopped and the source of the problem dealt with, you may end up needing to replace your entire heating system.

At BZ Dependable, we have many years of experience working with heating, as well as plumbing, so we know all about rust: what it can do, how to eliminate it, how to stop it from starting. If you need help with rust occurring on your boiler in Teaneck, Bergenfield, or anywhere else in the area, our Bergen County plumbers can help. Just contact us right away!

The source of boiler rust—and its consequences

Boiler manufacturers design their products to resist rust as much as possible, so that if you keep your boiler in good repair with regular check-ups you shouldn’t have much trouble with corrosion issues. The main way that boilers fend off rust is through anode rods at the top of their water tanks. These rods prevent rust from entering the tank by “sacrificing” themselves to rust away first. (For this reason, they are often called “sacrificial anodes”). But when an anode rod finally rusts completely, corrosion will start inside the tank.

There are two principal dangers from rust in a boiler. The first is that it will imbalance the temperature in the tank (rust acts as an insulator) which will lead to overheating and high pressure. The second is that it will weaken the metal in the tank and begin causing leaks. Both situations can eventually ruin your entire heating system.

Routine maintenance will make sure the anode rod in your boiler receives regular replacement so rust will not infiltrate the tank. If you notice rust starting on your boiler, repair technicians can often remove it if it is still superficial, or replace the parts affected. However, you can’t delay these repairs: if you wait too long, you may need to have the boiler tank completely replaced.

BZ Dependable performs many services that will help your boiler in Bergenfield, NJ stay free of rust and corrosion. Sign up for boiler inspection and routine check-ups from our heating experts and you should have a boiler that will keep you warm for many years. And remember, whenever you need boiler repair call your Bergen County plumbers, no matter the city or town. The plumbing and heating experts at BZ Dependable can (and will be happy to) help!

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