Did you know that in other parts of the country, the idea of using oil to heat a home is not common whatsoever? In some areas, it’s nearly unheard of, with people on the West Coast wondering: “Why wouldn’t you just use natural gas?” Of course, we know that some home heating systems just weren’t set up that way. Usually, however, there are ways to make that switch.

If you had the option to switch your heating system from oil to gas, wouldn’t you rather do so? Are you still on the fence? Today, we highlight some of the many benefits of switching to natural gas heating. Wouldn’t you rather make things easier on yourself?


This has got to be the number one reason people make the switch. Can you imagine how convenient it would be to be able to skip the delivery and get natural gas coming directly into your furnace or boiler? There are so many steps you’ll be able to skip now, from having to check whether you are low on heating oil to wondering whether to tip the delivery team.

You’ll never have to worry whether a storm or another issue could prevent the fuel from getting to your home. Because the pipes are underground, natural gas is typically quite safe! (That is especially true when you have your heating system maintained once a year, as you should do no matter what fuel your system uses.)


What’s even better than the time you’ll get back? Saving money. Heating oil tends to cost more—a lot more—than natural gas. So why doesn’t everyone use natural gas? Well, there’s the cost of the upgrade to factor in, which admittedly is an investment. But over the years, you will notice the savings and be so glad you made that leap.


Natural gas is also versatile, meaning you can use it to power many of the appliances in your home for a low cost. It’s a fuel source for heating your swimming pool, drying the dishes, heating the water, and much more. It’s certainly less expensive than using electricity, which tends to be the more costly of the two options from the utility company. Oil-to-gas conversion can save you money on more than just your heating bills; you can also save and make things more convenient year-round.


Finally, gas heating systems may require less maintenance and fewer repairs than those that run on heating oils. Part of this is because you’re cutting out the maintenance that comes with ensuring you have heating oil at the house and that supplies are sufficient to get you through winter. But also, your home’s natural gas supply leaves less of a mess. There are no oils or ashes left behind, as often happens with heating oil. After your oil-to-gas conversion, all you need is annual heating maintenance and you’re good to go!

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