Is the boiler in your Bergen County home not producing enough heat? There could be many reasons for this, and some might be a simple resolution, such as changing your thermostat settings.

However, always check with a heating technician if you aren’t sure. Here are some potential reasons your boiler isn’t producing enough heat.

Clogged Piping System

One of the common reasons boilers stop providing enough heat is that there’s a clog in the pipes leading to the radiators or radiant flooring. For propane or oil models, you could be low on fuel. Check the owner’s manual for ways to tell if your oil is running low. Make sure the pilot light is on for gas furnaces.

No Power Going to the Unit

Always make sure that the emergency fuel switch hasn’t been turned off if there boiler doesn’t seem to be working at all. If it’s on but still not heating up your home adequately, there could be something wrong with the controls or thermostat. Also, check the fuse box for a tripped circuit breaker.

Boiler Needs Replacing

If it is determined that your boiler has reached the end of its lifespan, we can offer a variety of replacement models to efficiently heat your entire home. For oil-fueled boilers, you may want to consider switching over to natural gas. Natural gas is a cost-effective and green fuel that can be used to heat your home and your hot water. Making this switch can provide many benefits, including saving space for the tanks and never worrying about running out of fuel.

BZ Dependable is ready to handle all your Bergen County heating needs. We love helping customers get the right boiler system for their needs, so call any time for expert advice!

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