Your toilet is one of the most used and most necessary conveniences in your Bergenfield home. When your toilet is not working properly you’re going to want it repaired correctly and right away. BZ Dependable can take care of all your problems quickly and professionally. Here are some common problems you may notice with your toilet.  If you experience one of these, or any other problems with your Bergenfield toilet, call BZ Dependable right away.

All the major plumbing functions that your toilet performs take place in the tank. This is a very likely spot for problems to occur. It is also conveniently accessible. The tank contains the necessary water to flush the toilet and contains the apparatus that fills and empties your tank, which includes both the fill and flush valves. If you’re toilet is running constantly, chances are that you have a problem with one of these components. The flush ball or flap may not be properly sealing, the level of water in the tank could be too high and running into overflow pipes, or your flush valve may not be sealing.

It’s easy to be alarmed when you notice that there is water on the floor surrounding your toilet. Your tank bolts may need tightening, the water connection to the tank may be loose, the base of your toilet may need to be resealed or the tank may need better insulation. Whatever the problem is, only professional inspection can rule out something more serious.

A clogged toilet is probably the most common plumbing problem of all. There are many different causes of clogged toilets, and the severity of the situation can vary greatly. When a simple plunging doesn’t suffice or your toilet is clogging more and more frequently, a professional Bergenfield plumber is your best bet to diagnose what may be a serious plumbing issue. Whatever questions or concerns you have about your home’s plumbing system, BZ Dependable has the answers. Call us anytime for help with your plumbing needs.

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