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Radiant floor heating represents an innovative departure from traditional boilers and forced air furnaces. Instead of heating the air in your home and using that to indirectly provide you with comfort, radiant heating relies on a series of tubes and coils installed beneath the floorboards of your home to provide direct heat. It warms your feet and furniture directly, eliminating problems like drafts and cold spots while still creating a cozy, comfortable environment to your home. Among the system’s advantages are a lack of repair issues, since it has few moving parts and most of the system is corrected. The bad news is that repair problems can still crop up from time to time. The good news is that you have a service in Bergen County, NJ that can help. Here’s a brief breakdown of some common repair issues with radiant floor heating that you should watch out for.


Leaks happen quite infrequently, since the system lies beneath the floorboards and is protected from damage. When they do spring up, they tend to occur at the apex of the system due to a bad connector, or if corrosion and other damage takes place from exposure. You can check for leaks in the system by monitoring the pressure gauge. If it dips, then turn off the radiant heating and call in a repair technician.


If your system isn’t generating any heat, or it’s generating heat in insufficient quantities, then you definitely have a problem. There are numerous possible causes – anything from a faulty thermostat to problems with the pump to a poor electrical connection – but most of them can be quickly diagnosed and dealt with by a technician trained in radiant heating systems.

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