Modern plumbing systems are necessary for any home or business to function. And while they’re designed to last a number of years, unfortunately, at some time or another, even the best laid pipes can fail. When this happens to you, you’ll need to schedule replacement services for parts of pipes or possibly for your entire plumbing system. But how do you know when it’s time?

For the most part, when your New Milford plumbing system is running into trouble, you should call on an expert to best determine the next course of action.

Signs to look out for

There are a few things you may want to look out for when you are trying to determine whether your pipes need replacement. In general, however, you should trust a plumbing professional to inspect the pipes and make the final decision with you.

  • Low water pressure – If the water pressure in your home is not up to your standards, it may be due to leaks and holes throughout the water supply pipes. When leaks begin to affect the water pressure in your home noticeably, it’s usually a sign that there are larger leaks along the pipes or perhaps that there are several smaller leaks. In either case, it may be due to corrosion, a problem that will require immediate repiping services.
  • Material – You may need to replace pipes even if they don’t appear to be running into trouble if they are made from galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is a material that was retired for plumbing systems decades ago because of their proclivity towards rust and corrosion. Even if you’ve never had a problem before, there’s still a chance that your pipes may run into trouble, so you may need to replace now to prevent the chances of a leak later on.
  • Old age – The age of your home may give you some indication as to the age of your pipes if you’re unsure. Pipes can last several decades, but only if they’re installed soundly, and if they receive proper maintenance from a trained professional. Usually, however, about 40-60 years means it’s time for your pipes to retire.

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