There are certain signs your heating system will give you when a problem has developed, and one type of sign is how the system sounds. There are normal operational noises your heating system will make, and then there are the abnormal sounds the system will make when something goes wrong. It can be tempting to ignore strange sounds if your system continues to operate, but ignoring a sound doesn’t make it go away, nor does it fix the problem. If you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from your system, it’s time to call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., for heating repair in Hillsdale.

What Strange Noises Can Indicate

Here are some examples of what certain sounds emanating from your heating system can indicate:

  • Buzzing, popping, cracking – these types of noises can indicate an electrical issue. Electrical problems should always be handled by an expert.
  • Screaming/screeching noise – loose or worn fan belts can make a screaming/screeching sound. Replacing the belt should alleviate this problem.
  • Booming – the ignition process should happen instantaneously. However, a burner that is dirty will not ignite quickly, as it should. When this happens, a small amount of gas will build in the time it takes the burner to light, and when it does light, the combustion of excess gas causes a booming sound. This is a potentially dangerous situation and a technician should be called as soon as possible.
  • Thumping – certain components in your heating system, like the blower, have ball bearings at each end of the blower shaft. If these bearings become too dry or move out of alignment, they may make a low-level thumping sound as your system operates.

Strange noises are one of the ways your heating system communicates that a problem has developed. Ignoring this sign can lead to problems with other components, larger and more costly repairs, and even possible breakdown. Attending to heating repair in Hillsdale as soon as possible is the best choice for you and your heating system.

If you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from your heating system, call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., today and schedule a repair appointment with one of our experts.

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