Heating repairs can be a tricky thing sometimes, and when a problem arises late in the winter, homeowners can be tempted to wait until spring — when the weather is warmer and they can afford to keep their heater turned off for a few days — to get repairs. Not every problem results in a shutdown of the heater, leading some homeowners to think they can sit on it until they no longer have daily need of their heating system. In many instances, however, waiting to schedule heating repair can be a huge mistake.


Obviously, if the heater shuts down entirely, you wouldn’t hesitate to get it repaired. Nor would you wait if the heater still runs, but the issue is severely hampering its effectiveness (if, say, the generated heat was much milder than expected.) But smaller problems can often be ignored during the hustle and bustles of daily life. Strange noises, unexpectedly high bills and other warning signs may not seem like much, with the pressures of job and family to deal with and the countless tasks that make up daily life to be performed. Big problems with your heater demand immediate attention, but the little ones can often be ignored, or so it would seem.

The trouble is that little problems have a way of turning into big ones very quickly if they aren’t addressed. That nagging issue could be the sign of a more serious breakdown to come, and the longer you sit on such a problem, the greater the chances of it morphing into something more more serious. Damage can easily spread if the heater continues to be used, and even if it doesn’t, the added stress and strain usually translates to higher bills and a reduced lifespan for your system.


If you spot a problem — any problem — with your heating system, the first thing to do is perform a couple of basic troubleshooting steps. Check the thermostat to see if anyone has changed the settings, and adjust them to see if that corrects the issue. If the system shut down, check the breaker box to see if power hasn’t been cut off due to an electrical surge. If it has, reset the switch and see if the issue repeats.

If those steps fail to resolve the problem, then turn the system off (even if it isn’t functioning) and call in a repair service. Little problems deserve no less consideration than big ones, and a proper service will be able to move quickly and correct the issue before things get too cold.  It’s the only option to avoid further damage. While you wait, take steps to keep you and your family warm if needed: wear sweaters and warm clothes in the house, make use of portable space heaters if you can, keep doors closed to retain heat, and try to limit activities to a single room or two until help arrives.

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