Winter means holiday guests, which makes it a busy time of year for plumbers. All those people using the various appliances and fixtures in your home adds a lot of strain. A larger reason for those clogs, though, is all that extra cooking you may be doing, and all of the plates scraped into the garbage disposal.

There are steps you should take to prevent the hassle and cost of drain clogs, such as limiting the fats, oils, and grease that go down the kitchen drains and keeping hair traps in the bathroom drains. Thankfully, when trouble does arise from the drains, professional plumbers have the tools and know-how to unclog the drains quickly.


First, we have video pipe inspection equipment to help us narrow in on the source and location of a clog. This equipment may not be necessary in every situation, like for clogs near the opening of the drain, but it’s useful when trying to determine whether a sewer clog has to do with grease buildup or tree roots, for example.

The video camera is as small as the one on your smartphone. The cable is fed through the pipe so we can see every angle, determining the source of a clog and helping us to decide which equipment will work most efficiently and effectively for removal.

Some amateur plumbers or self-professed “handymen” will go in blind, using augers that may actually do more harm than good because they didn’t have the right equipment to start with. Just another reason to call professional plumbers!


The drain snakes they sell in hardware stores may be good for small clogs near the drain opening. However, they rarely do an effective job of getting your toughest blockages, formed by the most common sources.

Expert drain snakes and augers have a longer range than those you’re likely to get at any hardware store. They can be motorized to work through the blockages that are tough to push through with strength alone. Finally, experts have the know-how to ensure the job is done right.


We’d like to remind all homeowners that those chemical drain cleaners you can buy at any home goods store or grocery are not safe for your pipes. Not only are they toxic to humans, but they can destroy the lining of pipes, meaning they may need replacement sooner than you’d think. First, you might try using a plunger, or even a safe mixture of baking soda and vinegar if a clog is confined to one area. But then, call a plumber who uses BioSmart.

BioSmart drain cleaning solutions do not use chemicals! This is often the choice supplement for drains by professional plumbers, as it uses bacteria to break down the grease in the drains biologically. In this way, grease, food particles, and other organic blockages are slowly eaten away at until the drains are cleared.

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