Fort Lee Boiler Guide: Boiler Noises And What They Mean

For a long time, boilers have been one of the most popular home heating systems available, and with very good reason. They are extremely durable and have very long lifespans. Few moving parts mean that service and repair needs are minimized. However, you may experience some strange noises coming from your boiler every now and then. In many cases these noises will not result in the discovery of very serious problems. If you notice noises coming from the boiler in your Fort Lee home, though, you should always contact a professional at BZ Dependable to inspect your boiler and evaluate the situation.

Banging Sounds from Your Boiler

Whenever you are dealing with a device that produces heat, it is likely that you will hear some strange noises every now and then. One of the most common noises that homeowners hear and are alarmed by is a loud banging coming from their boiler. This can be alarming but is often a minor issue such as air getting into the system. Considering the amount of water that your boiler holds and the potential for damage it represents, though, it is certainly advisable that you have any persistent noises checked out professionally just to be safe.

Rumbling Sounds from Your Boiler

Another issue you may notice is a long, low rumbling sound. This rumbling noise may be the result of a condition called kettling. This happens when lime scale builds up on the heat exchange of your boiler. Steam bubbles can be produced, leading to the alarming rumbling noise that caught your attention.

Squealing Noises from Your Boiler

If you notice a high pitched squealing noise coming from your boiler, it may the result of bearings in the boiler pump being worn down. If water is boiling off on its way through the heating coil, causing this squeal. In this case there is not enough water moving through at once.

As you can see there are a lot of potential odd noises the boiler in your Fort Lee home may make. There are even more causes. To discover the root cause of your troubling boiler sounds, contact BZ Dependable for Fort Lee boiler repair. There may not be a serious problem to be concerned about, but when it comes to your comfort and safety, we think it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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