If you’re wondering about that calcified gunk on your faucets, it’s probably the mineral deposits left by hard water. Hard water is a common household problem throughout North America. While it’s not typically a health risk, it can have a damaging effect not only on faucets, but also on all of your plumbing and plumbed fixtures. When you have buildup on your faucets in Fort Lee, NJ, call the water filtration experts at BZ Dependable. We offer exceptional water filtration services that will help soften hard water.

The primary mineral ingredients that make your water “hard” are calcium and magnesium, both of which are necessary to good health in the right amounts. It’s determined by the concentration of positive metallic ions. Since water is such a good solvent, it naturally absorbs these minerals in as it passes through soil and rock.

Hard water can damage your plumbing and fixtures, as you know from the buildup on your faucets. Let’s take a look at some of the other signs that you have hard water:

  • Spotting and filming on your dishes. Do your dishes never seem to get clean? Or do your clean dishes always seem to have spots on them? This is a common indication of hard water. The hot water used for dishwashing actually releases the minerals from the water faster.
  • Laundry. If your clothes feel scratchy and look grimy when they come out of the washer, that can also indicate hard water. Depending on the quality of your hard water, this can significantly damage the fibers of your clothes.
  • No soapsuds. Hard water often prevents the production of soapsuds during washing and cleaning.

If you think you may have hard water problems, there is a solution. The Krystal Klear water treatment system features an electronic descaler, which not only removes the hardness of your water but also keeps the healthy minerals in your water. It does this by electronically altering the ionic concentration of the water, by turning those bicarbonates into carbonates. This is not only a smart idea for the quality of your drinking and washing water, but it may be necessary if you want to ensure the longevity of your plumbing. For more information, call BZ Dependable today.

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