While you may have already begun your spring cleaning around the house, you may not have thought about your sump pump. Because it’s often used as a kind of “insurance appliance” against occasional flooding or seasonal increases in rainfall, there are extended periods when it is not in use. As with any mechanical system, it’s important that your sump pump receive routine maintenance. It needs professional attention at least once a year so that you know it’s there when you need it most. In this post, we’d like to run you through some of our spring sump pump tips. For Fort Lee, NJ plumbing servicescall BZ Dependable today!

Here are some things necessary for sump pump maintenance:

  • Check power: Your sump pump relies on a steady stream of electric current, although it may also be equipped with a battery backup. Make sure that the pump has not become disconnected from its GFCI outlet that the cord is in good shape. If there’s a battery, replace it every once in a while so that you’re prepared in the event that your power goes out during a flood.
  • Test: If your sump pump is out of shape, then put it to work. Dumping some water into the sump pit is a great way to ensure that your unit still works properly. A more comprehensive test should be carried out by a professional, who will perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of all its various components.
  • Upright: Making sure that your sump pump stands upright, ready for action, is an essential part of your sump pump’s operation. If it has fallen, the float arm will not adequately sense the encroaching water levels.
  • Check the outlet pipes: As you probably know, your sump pump has to pump water outside your home and not just into a drain or sewer. The integrity of your outlet pipe is critical to the sump pump’s performance. By regularly checking and cleaning the outlet system, you can ensure excellent and reliable water removal.

Don’t wait until the next basement flooding to see if your sump pump works. Schedule sump pump maintenance today. For Fort Lee, NJ plumbing services, call the experts at BZ Dependable today! 

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