For some reason things around the house tend to go haywire during the summertime, and quite often it is plumbing problems which arise during those hot days.  Most of the common summer plumbing problems in Fort Lee are easy to identify.  When you notice a summer plumbing problem spring up, don’t hesitate to call BZ Dependable!


  1. Clogged Garbage Disposal:  Because we are so much more active during summer with cookouts and grill outs, it remains important to properly dispose of food waste.  Make certain that excess fruits and vegetables that are more fibrous and hard in texture such as watermelon rinds, celery and potato skins are not put down the drain.  Additionally, cooking oil, grease and fat from meats should be placed in the trash instead.  Remember to run plenty of cold water before during and after the food is being ground up by the garbage disposal so that it is sent down the drain properly and does not cause a drainage clog.
  2. Backed Up Sewer Lines:  When the air begins to heat up, summer rain showers tend to become more common.  Excess rain water and tree roots in the soil can cause cracks in sewer lines through which water can seep into the sewer lines, causing a backed up sewer line.  If water from the toilet begins to back up into the bath or shower drain it is important to note that it is a sign of a sewer line back up.  It could mean a simple fix or an extensive replacement.
  3. Watch That Washing Machine:  Because everyone spends more time doing a variety of activities during summertime such as spending time at the beach and enjoying the outdoors, the washing machine tends to get used much more frequently during summertime as well.  Be home while the washing machine is running so that you are readily available to stop the wash cycle if something goes awry.  Additionally, the washing machine should be placed a foot or so away from the wall, to ensure that all water lines and hoses have room to work properly without kinking.
  4. When Toilets Clog:  Because we tend to be home more during the summer toilets get used more.  Remember to use smaller amounts of toilet paper and keep a plunger handy for those small clogs which occur.  When it’s something bigger our well-qualified bathroom plumbing experts can help.
  5. Sprinkler System Problems:  For those that have sprinkler systems in their lawns, the heads of each sprinkler should be checked and cleaned prior to extensive use.  This ensures they do not cause excess pressure to build up, that they are properly balanced and that the sprinklers work as they were intended to.  Prior to lawn mowing make certain that all sprinkler heads have been properly collapsed so as not to run over them and break them or break the mower.

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