Summer doesn’t officially come to an end for a few more weeks, and we’re apt to have some warm weather yet here in Dumont, NJ. But Labor Day marks an ideal spot on the calendar to start preparing your heating system for the fall season. We have a lot of different types of heaters in our community, but all of them are charged with the same job: keeping your home warm and comfortable in the throes of winter. Proper preparation, consisting of a healthy mix of professional attention and individual steps, can ensure that your heating system does its job exactly when it’s supposed to.


The first step towards preparing your heater is to schedule a maintenance session with a trained technician. This isn’t the same as a repair call, which is designed to fix one specific problem. Rather, it’s a kind of tune-up, aimed at treating little issues like dust and loose bolts that contribute to wear and tear. It’s also a chance to get a good look at the system and spot anything that might cause big trouble down the line. That gives you a chance to deal with the problem when it’s still relatively small, instead of rushing around after it’s caused a breakdown.


In addition to a maintenance session, you can perform several steps yourself to make sure the heating system is working at its best when you first turn it on. Make sure the vents and exhaust pipes are open and free of debris, and clear a two-foot space around the heater so that there’s no risk of blockage. Change the filters on it (they should be changed once a month if possible) and look into ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, such as sealing cracks around your doors and windows with weather stripping.

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