Bergen County, NJ, is in an old part of the country, and our communities have been around for a long time. That means old houses and old plumbing networks, which often convinces some plumbing companies that they can still get by with a set of wrenches and a little elbow grease. To some extent, plumbing never changes, and you still need the same skills that plumbers did 100 years ago to do the job. But we’re not living in those days anymore, and just as other fields have taken advantage of new technology, so too does plumbing have the benefit of some amazing new devices to make fixing your problem easier and more effective than ever. Most of them require formal training to use, but a plumber armed with them can make short work of your trouble. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the more prominent ones.


You may be familiar with store-bought snakes, which run down pipes in an effort to clear up any clogs. Plumbers often use mechanical snakes to provide more power to such an operation, but there’s more. Trained plumbers often use snakes with rotating heads, allowing them to fit the head to the specific type of clog you have. Not only can that unclog your pipes much more effectively, but it reduces the changes of damaging the pipes themselves, allowing you to continue using them without fears of a leak or a breach.


Cleaning drains offers a bit of a predicament for plumbers and homeowners alike. Either risk using a harsh chemical cleanser that could damage your pipes (not to mention your hands), or rely on half measures that don’t always get the job done. BioSmart is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds: safe, non-toxic and incredibly effective at destroying food clogs, hair clogs and other biological materials that can stop up your drain. Best of all, BioSmart lingers for weeks to continue its cleaning process, and is environmentally sound so you need not worry about the damage it’s doing to Mother Nature.


Video technology has gotten to the point where we can fit movie cameras on our phones, which means you can slip one into your pipes on a cable connected to a tablet, and get an insider’s view of what exactly is wrong. The boon to plumbing has been enormous, allowing us to diagnose problems with unprecedented accuracy and enact repairs much more quickly and efficiently. With video pipe inspection, plumbers get an unprecedented look at the problem from the inside of your system, enabling us to device the most accurate and effective solution, from sewer cleaning to sewer repair, without having to guess.

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