There are many benefits to tankless water heaters, which eschew the traditional tank models in favor of heating the water directly via coils or burners placed alongside the pipes through which the water travels. They are more efficient than tank models and tend to cost less to boot. But like any other appliance, breakdowns do happen, and the sooner you notice that kind of trouble, the more quickly you can summon a qualified plumbing service here in Bergen County, NJ to handle it. “How can I spot tankless water heater problems?” you ask. We’ve listed some of the more obvious symptoms below.

  • A lack of hot water. This option is fairly obvious, but bears repeating. It can sometimes sneak up on you, as the weather gradually loses its heat until you suddenly realize that it’s a lot cooler than it should be. It could be caused by a clog in the fuel line or an electrical disconnection if your system runs its heater with electricity. It could also be a problem with the heating coil itself.
  • Lower water pressure. Low water pressure can stem from a problem elsewhere in your system. But hard water deposits and other build-up in your tankless heater can be the culprit. You should arrange to have such deposits removed as part of an annual maintenance session
  • Puddles near the system. Puddles indicate a leak and leaks can be big trouble, since they can damage key components in the water heater itself. Fortunately, if you can spot them early enough, they can usually be repaired fairly easily.
  • Strange noises. Strange noises can include creaks, groans, hissing noises and anything else you don’t recognize as part of your system’snormal operations. If you hear them, turn off your system at once and call in a repair service.

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