We often recommend that our clients install boilers in their homes as a way to receive quality heat through the cold months. Although the technology of boilers has been around for more than a century, contemporary models are among the most durable, energy efficient, clean, and effective heating systems on the market. To have a cozy winter in Westwood, NJ, a boiler is one of the best options available.

We’ll explain in brief how a boiler distributes heat around your home, because it illustrates some of the reasons why boilers are such good choices for home comfort. If you have further questions, or if you have a boiler that needs repairs or maintenance, contact BZ Dependable. Our promise is in our name.

Boiler Basics

Boilers do not used forced-air heating to warm up your house the way that furnaces and heat pumps do. Instead of fans and ducts spreading heated air, boilers use hydronic heating: they raise the temperature of water, then use pumps to send the water to terminal point to provide radiant heat.

When the thermostat sends the signal to the boiler to provide heat, gas jets or electrical elements activate to heat up the water inside the boiler’s tank. (Some boilers still actually boil the water, creating steam. Most models only need to raise the water’s temperature.) A pump then sends the heated water through pipes that run through your home. This hot water reaches terminal points, such as radiators or baseboard heaters. The heat that radiates from these objects then provides heat to the room. The cooled water then returns to the tank, where the cycle begin once more.

Since boilers do not use ductwork, they produce much cleaner warmth than forced-air systems. This makes them excellent choices for people with allergies to airborne pollutants. The hot water distribution also requires very few mechanical parts (the pump has the most moving parts), and that means boilers need fewer repairs and have longer lifespans than most other systems.

However, boilers will need occasional repairs to keep them operating; leaks are the most common trouble that boilers face, but with regular maintenance you can reduce the risk of the corrosion and high water pressure that cause leaking to almost nothing.

If you are currently debating about installing a new heater in your home, we recommend you put a boiler on your list of options to consider. If you already have a boiler in your Westwood, NJ home working to keep you warm, you know the advantages. To keep the boiler doing its best work, rely on BZ Dependable for all your boiler installation and repair needs.

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