Oh no… another drain clog! Didn’t you just clear out the last one? And this looks like a thick clog you won’t be able to clear out with just a plunger. You know that liquid drain cleaners are potentially harmful to your pipes, so it’s time to call in a plumber to fix the problem.

You’re definitely making the smart move by summoning a professional plumber in Bergen County, NJ to fix your drain clog. But you can make a smart move for the future as well that will help you avoid potential drain problems and give you an environmentally friendly option as well: sign up for Drain Maid Maintenance Program with Biosmart from BZ Dependable.

Wait… what’s BioSmart? And why should I get it?

BioSmart is a drain treatment that improves over the toxic and pipe-damaging drain cleaners you find on store shelves. Instead of acidic chemicals, BioSmart contains a mixture of enzymes and bacteria that cuts right through the organic matter plugging up your drains. This duplicates a process in nature: bacteria consumes organic waste and changes it into a harmless residue that returns to the soil. Because the process is similar to one found in nature, BioSmart poses far less threat to the environment than inorganic chemical compounds.

BioSmart is safer for your drains as well, because there is no caustic action that can wear away at the inside of your pipes. And BioSmart is safer for you because there’s no danger of hurting your skin or eyes because of splashes of acidic chemicals, or any health problems due to breathing toxic fumes.

You also need far less BioSmart to clear a clog: approximately half a capful. With commercial drain cleaners, it sometimes requires a full bottle to cut through even an average clog. Imagine a whole quart of acidic liquid sitting down in your pipes for half an hour!

BioSmart keeps working for you after the clog is gone. Low levels of the enzymes and bacteria remain in your pipes, preventing further organic build-up. You can use BioSmart as a preventive step—something you would never try with chemical drain cleaners. Just pour a half capful down the drain every month and you’ll have a weapon against future blockages.

Start with BioSmart today

You don’t need to wait for clogs to happen to start receiving the benefits of BioSmart. Contact BZ Dependable today and get our Drain Maid Maintenance Program with BioSmart working for your plumbing. You’ll “go green” and have fewer emergency calls for a plumber in Bergen County, NJ.

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