Advances in technology have provided plumbers with the tools to do amazing repair work on home plumbing that goes beyond what anyone would’ve dreamed only a few decades past. One of the essential modern tools in a professional plumber’s kit is video pipe inspection equipment. Using these devices, plumbers eliminate most of the guess-work and extra time involved in dealing with clogged and damaged pipes. Repairs are done faster and with less need to damage home construction.

At BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we use the finest video pipe inspection equipment to assist repairs. Your BZ Dependable plumber in Teaneck, NJ will locate the problems in your plumbing quickly and with minimal disruption to your life.

How Video Pipe Inspection Works

We can thank miniaturization technology for the development of video pipe inspection equipment: we can now insert a high quality camera deep into narrow plumbing to locate clogs, breaks, corrosion, sediment build-up, and then identify the specific issues that our repairs must address.

The inspection equipment consists of a long fiber optic cable with a miniaturized camera attached to one end.  A light, usually an LED, is also mounted on the end to illuminate the interior of the pipes.

The cable snakes down into a drainpipe, and the camera relays footage to a monitor for the plumbing technician to see the inside of the pipes. Inspection includes recording the feed so the plumbers can go back over the images and analyze them.

The video camera can locate almost any kind of damage inside a pipe, from tree root infiltration to organic clogging. Plumbers then decide what methods to use to remedy the problem with the least amount of intrusive work. Roots, for example, can sometimes be eliminated with chemical foam, and liners can fix some damage without requiring excavation. But if excavation appears necessary, the plumbers can narrow it down to the smallest area.

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When you have issues in your plumbing, make sure you find a plumber in Teaneck, NJ who can perform video pipe inspection. You’ll save time, and have assurances that the plumber will correctly identify the problem and fix it in a way that will cause minimal damage to your home.

BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. takes full advantage of technology to assist us in delivering the plumbing work our customers need. Call us for all your plumbing repair issues.

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