Do you have lime scale on your faucets or sinks? Notice that your soap does not seem to produce suds? You may have “hard water,” which is simply water with high mineral content. In general, it is not believed to pose serious health risks, but it can cause significant damage to your Bergen County, NJ home’s plumbing system. Water filtration may be a solution for your hard water problem. Call the Bergen County plumbers at BZ Dependable today for more information.

Hard water is common: more than 85% of homes in the US have it. The buildup of calcium and magnesium bi-carbonate on the insides of your pipes and fittings can cause system blockages, malfunctions, and imbalanced pressure. But there are solutions, one of which is a water filtration system. Water filtration systems filter the minerals out of your water. There are countertop filtration systems that attach directly to the faucet or tap and remove the particles from your drinking water. However, to avoid hard water damage to your plumbing system, you will need a more comprehensive full filtration system, which filters the water before it reaches the tap. One such method is an electronic descaler, which follows up on the water filtration process and changes the chemical composition of the water. The Krystal Klear system uses high frequency electronic pulses to change the bi-carbonate nature of the calcium and magnesium particles into a carbonate one.

Filtering and descaling hard water not only benefits your plumbing, but also your  everyday life. Filtered water tastes better, and it can also help your hair and skin by removing minerals which can make them look dull and lifeless.  If you have questions about how water filtration and the Krystal Klear system can benefit your home and lifestyle, get in touch with a Bergen County plumber. Call BZ Dependable today.

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