The holidays are busy enough for residents of Bergen County, NJ without having to worry about trouble with the water heater. We never think about ours until problems arise, and the last thing you want is for an emergency to take place just when you’re sitting down to Christmas dinner or entertaining relatives from out of town. A good maintenance session from a trained professional can prevent such an occurrence, and you can help keep your water heater running this holiday season by taking a few simple steps.

  • Add Insulation. Water heater insulation, installed by a trained technician, will help it maintain its temperature much more easily, which means a lower monthly cost to heat your water and much less strain on the individual components of your system.
  • Keep the Area Clear. The area around your water heater should stay clear of boxes, furniture and other items in order to ensure that it continues to work the way it should. Ideally, there should be at least 2 feet of space between the water heater and anything else.
  • Drain the Tank. The tank of your water heater needs to be periodically drained in order to remove sediment from the tank. Otherwise it will build up in the bottom and creating an insulating barrier between the water and the burners designed to heat it. A technician can handle this as part of a regular service call.
  • Replace the Anode Rod. The anode rod is designed to keep the tank free of rust, and if it isn’t changed once every three years or so, the rust can build up at a surprisingly swift rate. You don’t need to replace your rod every time you maintain your water heater, but if the core wire is showing or if it’s looking a little thin (less than half an inch in diameter), you need to get a new one installed quickly.

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