With the official arrival of fall this week, it’s time for Teaneck, NJ homeowners to take a good look at their heating systems, which in is part of the country can often mean a boiler or similar type of heater. Boilers are efficient and reliable forms of technology, but they can still break down just like any other piece of equipment, especially if they’re older and have endured multiple winters.

Now is an excellent time to run your heating system and check for any signs of trouble. Ideally, a maintenance session from a trained technician should be scheduled, but in the event you can’t do that, you can help yourself out by watching for any signs of unusual activity in your boiler. They can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Strange noises, such as clangs, groans, and whistles, which can occur at any point in your boiler system. “Strange” is defined as anything that you don’t normally associate with the boiler’s regular functions.
  • Leaks, which can often be spotted by looking for wet spots along nearby walls, floors, or furnishings. In some cases, pinhole leaks wont release liquid water, in which can you can spot them by examining the pressure gauge for any loss in pressure.
  • Smells, such as burning oil, gas, or a strange metallic odor. This usually indicates a leak of vital fluids, and can also signal a gas leak, which is a significant danger to the household.
  • Unusually high bills, which take place without an attendant rise in use. This is more of a long-term method of spotting a boiler, but you should practice it throughout the winter. It could save you a great deal if it alerts you to a potential problem!

When you spot these problems, turn your boiler off and call in BZ Dependable to make repairs!

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