If Your Water Heater Is Doing This, It’s About To Fail

water heater replacement in teaneck

Are you thinking about getting a water heater replacement in Teaneck, but you’re not sure if you need one yet? Unless your water heater stops heating, it can be hard to tell when it might be a good idea to get a new one. You can always call in our water heater services experts from BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating or you can look through the following scenarios and decide if your water heater fits one or more of them.

If Your Water Heater is Old

Instead of looking up, “How long do water heaters last?” every year or so, just remember that most water heaters last about 10 years. If yours is around that age and is starting to leak or struggle with heating, it’s probably time for water heater installation in Teaneck and Bergen County. Otherwise, it’s going to fail sooner than later.

If Your Water Heater Leaks

If you regularly notice pools of water around the bottom of your water heater, chances are good that it needs to be replaced soon. As the metal in your tank gets old, it expands. This can cause fractures and fissures, which lead to leaks. While small leaks aren’t usually a problem in and of themselves, they indicate that it’s only a matter of time until a larger leak occurs. These can cause major water damage so it’s better to call a Teaneck plumber to replace the water heater before that happens!

If Your Water Heater is Loud

As your water heater gets older, it may require more energy to heat the water in the tanks, which can cause rumbling. Sediment can also come loose and get tossed around the tank. Anytime you hear an unusual noise, it’s time to call a Teaneck plumber for water heater replacement in Teaneck or the surrounding areas.

If Your Water Heater isn’t Heating

If your hot water isn’t hot – or it isn’t as hot as it should be based on the temperature settings on the unit – then it’s likely time to replace the unit. Give us a call and we’ll come to take a look at it. If it needs water heater repair, we will take care of them on the spot. However, many water heater issues cost more to repair than it does to replace the unit. We’ll help you figure out whether water heater replacement in Teaneck is best for you and your family.

Call for Water Heater Services

When your water heater is acting unusual, it’s time to take action. Whether you need water heater repair or water heater replacement in Teaneck, our master plumbers are ready to help.

Water Heater Repair Teaneck

When you need water heater repair in Teaneck and Bergen County, you need to have the job done fast. Otherwise, you won’t be able to shower, wash your dishes, or even clean your clothes! We understand that this is an urgent issue, so we’ll come out and get things fixed quickly.

Teaneck Water Heater Replacement

When it’s time for a water heater replacement, contact us at BZ Dependable. Our Teaneck plumbers will help you choose the best new water heater for your home, based on:

  • The size of your home
  • The number of people who live in your home
  • Whether you’ve been happy with the water heater you currently have
  • The kind of water heater you want

We always recommend new water heaters that come from reputable manufacturers, so you can get the hot water you need without having to worry about your heater for many years. 

If you need a new water heater, rely on a Teaneck plumber from BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for your water heater installation in Teaneck and Bergen County! Call us today for expert water heater services!

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