A sewer line leak used to be big trouble here in Dumont, NJ, especially in the winter when the ground was frozen. Unearthing it meant time and effort, which entailed a lot of added expenses too. Nowadays, we can solve the problem much more quickly and inexpensively with trenchless technology, but you still need to be able to spot the signs of a sewer leak in your home. Otherwise, you won’t summon the proper help and the leak will continue: costing you money and damages in the process. Here’s a quick list of a few ways to tell if your sewer line is leaking. If you spot them., your best bet is to call in a trained professional who can assess the situation and help you determine the best way to resolve it.


The best place to look for clues of a sewer leak is in your yard, above the spot where the leak lies. Nearby plant life, for instance, may be nourished by the waste matter leaking out of the pipe. They’ll look greener and lusher than other plant life nearby. Alternately, you may spot puddles forming on the ground with no apparent source, or detect a strange odor when you walk outside across your yard. In some cases, you may even hear the sound of running water without any apparent source. All of these are signs of something bad going on beneath the surface, something that likely requires a plumber’s attention.


Leaks in your sewer line have a tendency to attract vermin such as rats to your property. If you detect an inexplicable increase in local vermin, that could spell trouble. Another, very obvious sign is a sudden spike in your water bills, especially if you haven’t used your plumbing system any more often than normal.

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