A garbage disposal is an indispensable part of modern life and the vast majority of homes in Bergen County, NJ have them. They don’t break down often and because of that, we tend to ignore potential problems with it until the trouble is serious indeed. The good news is that most garbage disposals tend to be crystal clear when problems develop. It behooves you the homeowner to not only be able to spot the signs of a broken disposal, but to respond safely and properly when it is. Garbage disposals can be dangerous if not treated with care, especially when they’re broken. We’ve prepared a quick guidelines to help you out.


Generally speaking, anything that doesn’t match the normal functioning of your garbage disposal should be treated as a serious issue. The most obvious symptoms include strange noises when you turn the system on, drips or leaks beneath the sink, the water in the sink failing to go down when you turn the disposal on, and of course the disposal simply failing to activate.


Before you call a repair service, it pays to do a little troubleshooting, safely and judiciously. First, turn your disposal off and see if a spoon or similar utensil has fallen into it. If you can remove it easily, then do so, but if it’s not easily removed, then leave it be and call in a repair service. If the cause of the problem doesn’t involve a foreign object in the disposal, then try pressing the red reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal. That can fix a number of minor issues and spare you the expense of calling in a repair service. If that doesn’t correct the issue, then unplug the disposal and call in a professional to handle the problem the right way.

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