Winters in Bogota, NJ are as cold as they come, and you’ve likely already seen a spike in your heating bills as you keep your home warm on cold days. That trend is going to continue as fall moves towards the winter, and to a certain extent, higher heating bills are an unavoidable consequence of where we live. But just because you have to pay more on heating during the winter doesn’t mean you aren’t paying more than is necessary. Improving the efficiency of your heating system is an ideal way to cut down on those high winter bills. Here are a few tips on the best ways to do that.


Few things can improve the performance of your heater more than a timely maintenance session, which addresses all those little issues too small to merit a repair call on their own. By tightening loose bolts, cleaning dirty components, and conducting other little “tune-up” steps, it makes your system do its job much more effectively: reducing monthly costs and the chances of a breakdown in equal measures. When applied on a yearly basis over time, it can even extend the lifetime of your heater.


If you’re using an old oil-fed boiler system, you’re wasting a lot of energy on an outdated and inefficient fuel system. Converting the boiler to use natural gas is an excellent way to not only save a lot of money on monthly costs, but to be more environmentally friendly as well. Tax rebates and other benefits can make the process much  more affordable, and getting an oil-to-gas conversion today can allow you to enjoy the savings all winter long.

For these and other operations designed to improve your heater’s efficiency, call the pros at BZ Dependable today. We can also handle heating repair and replacement jobs!

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