Your heater is intended to provide warm comfort throughout the winter, but we’re just getting started with the cold months here in Bergen County, NJ, and an older heater might not have enough to get you through the winter intact. If yours is more than a decade old, you may want to consider getting a replacement now, before we get much further into the colder months. Trained technicians can come to your home and perform the proper installation, but before they can do that, you need to make the determination that your heater really is on its last legs. A few key signs can show you the way.


A repair call isn’t all that unusual and making one now makes a whole lot of sense, since it reduced the possibility of further repairs later on in the winter. But if you find yourself repairing the same problem over and over, it may be more than another session is worth. You might also consider a new system if you’ve dealt with multiple repairs since the heating season began, or the repairs you’re looking at just feel more than your system is worth.


In and of itself, age doesn’t mean much when it comes to an efficient heater. If you’ve kept yours well maintained, it may last for far longer than its warranty is listed. An older heater combined with repair issues, however, usually signals a need for replacement. You may also want to take advantage of a more efficient system if you’ve found your heating bills rising higher than you’re comfortable with, or perhaps there’s a new feature on a more modern system that can help improve your comfort levels and quality of life overall. All of those are good reasons to get an older system replaced.

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