If you’re thinking about replacing the heating system in your home in Teaneck, it might be time to think about changing the fuel source for your home. The debate about which fuel source is better has been raging for quite some time and it will probably keep right on raging. Often, the debate is between oil, natural gas and electricity. At BZ Dependable, we’ve been offering high quality heating services throughout the Teaneck area for many years. We normally talk with each customer about their unique situation before we make a recommendation about which fuel is right for them. But we thought it would be nice if we put together the pros and cons of switching to natural gas.

Natural Gas: The Pros

  • Cheaper – While this depends heavily on where you live, natural gas tends to cheaper to buy.
  • More efficient – New gas-fired boilers tend to run more efficiently than their electric counter parts. They use less fuel to produce the same amount of heat.
  • Cleaner – When compared to other fossil fuels like propane or oil, natural gas is by far the cleanest burning.
  • Multi-purpose – When you run a natural gas line into your home you can use it for many different appliances like your water heater or range.
  • Domestic – 84% of the natural gas consumed in America is created here.

Natural Gas: The Cons

  • Combustible – Obviously, a gas-fired heating system is going to burn fuel. This means that is has to light it on fire. This is a greater danger to your home than an electric system—not only from fire but from carbon monoxide.
  • Exhaust flue – Additionally, because it burns fuel, your new natural gas system will need to have an exhaust flue installed in your home.

If you have any questions about making the switch to natural gas, give the experts at BZ Dependable a call today. Our experts have years of experience helping our customers throughout the Teaneck make the switch to natural gas. Give us a call today!

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