You may have heard the term slab leak before, probably spoken of in ominous tones. They rank among the most difficult plumbing problems to address, though more for their location than any specific issue in and of itself. After all, plumbing leaks are quite common, and any plumber in the Bergenfield, NJ area that can’t deal with one probably needs to find another career. But slab leaks are located beneath the concrete foundation of your home, porch or pool; in some cases, they are actually embedded in the concrete. That can provide great protection from damage, but when a leak opens up in such a spot, it can go for weeks or months before being detected. In the interim, it can cause severe damage to the concrete, eventually leading to cracks or worse. What started out as a simple leak can soon become a nightmare for your home.


The sooner a homeowner can spot the signs of a slab leak, the more the damage can be contained and the easier it may be to affect repairs. Signs of a slab leak can be subtle, but with a little care and foresight, you can take notice of them, When you do, turn off the main water to your home and call a plumber immediately. The symptoms can include:

  • Drips or sounds or running water in unusual locations.
  • Standing water around your foundation.
  • Higher-than-anticipated monthly bills.
  • Lowered water pressure in given outlets, including toilets and showers.
  • Warm spots, cold spots or dampness in the concrete above the leak.
  • Cracks or fissures forming in the concrete itself. (This is a late-occurring sign, usually requiring immediate action.)

The qualified professionals at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. can address slab leakswith speed and efficiency. Trust our expertise in dealing with difficult problems like this one!

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