With last week’s hullabaloo over Stella fading into the background, the time has come to look forward to spring, and by all indications, it looks to be a wet one. This is of special concern for homeowners with lawns and years, which can easily become flooded by heavy winter rains. A proper drainage system will help alleviate the problem. Otherwise, you could be looking at stagnant puddles and flooding: creating countless headaches and repair bills. The good news? A qualified plumbing service can apply effective outdoor drainage solutions for your property.


The issue with improper drainage in your home goes beyond the nuisance of puddles. Excess water can drown grass and other plant life, turning your yard into an active eyesore. Mud become prevalent, which means you and your family can track it inside very easily, and standing puddles prevent you from conducting basic gardening tasks like moving the lawn. Worst of all, standing water in your yard can easily leak into your basement and cause more serious damage to your house.


Solutions start with basic gardening and a few tips from experts. Drainage ditches can resolve the issue in some cases – allowing the water to drain before it soaks into the ground – and you can make adjustments to the landscaping to address specific trouble spots. If you have existing drain pipes, they might be jammed or damaged in some cases, and a repair session could resolve the problem easily.

In many cases, however, more extensive, long-term adjustments are needed, and for that, a good plumber can be your best friend. The most common solution is the installation of a drainpipe in the yard. Place them at low points, where water tends to coalesce and ensure that they run downhill and are connected to civic drainage systems or the civic sewage line. A plumber not only has the skills and experience to handle such an operation, but can be contacted in the event of a blockage.

One option to consider is a French drain, which uses a perforated pipe, surrounded by gravel or similar materials that allow water to permeate through. This facilitates drainage on a much wider scale, allowing the water to soak through the soil and permeate through the pipe. Dry wells make another option: catching and holding water until it can drain into the ground slowly over time. In many cases, French drains and dry wells can be combined to address the issue.


Every home is different and what works for one might not work for another. That’s why it’s so important to consult with a qualified plumber, who can assess your property and make recommendations that work for your unique circumstances. That way, your yard can be drained properly, and you can be confident that the system you set up will continue to work for many more rainy seasons to come.

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