Summer is rarely the time to think about heating. High temperatures in Bergen County, NJ mean that homeowners will be looking for ways to stay cooler, not worry about being warmer. But summer will be over before you know it and other brutal winter will hit us almost before we’re aware of it. If you can plan for heating service now, you’ll be well ahead of the game before the temperatures drop, which can make a huge difference in your stress and comfort levels.


A heating service or heating maintenance call isn’t designed to address a specific problem like repair calls are. It more closely resembles a tune-up, as the technician performs a thorough inspection and makes a lot of tiny adjustments designed to help your heater perform more efficiently. If any bolts or connections are loose, the technician will tighten them, or replace them if they’ve worn out. He or she will clean the burners, wipe the dust away from dirty components, check the electrical connections and run the system to ensure it all works the way it should. If further repairs are necessary, he or she can then schedule them with you. As a result, your heater will run more efficiently, saving you money when the snow starts to fall.


Generally speaking, the sooner you schedule a maintenance session the better. Summer makes an ideal time because you can readily afford to have your heater offline while the technician works on it. It also allows you to schedule the session at a time when you’re free instead of having to work around it like you might if you have greater need of it. Most importantly, it ensures that your heater will be ready to go when the temperatures fall, without your having to worry.

Plan for heating service now by giving the pros at BZ Dependable a call!

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