Teaneck, NJ is an old community, which means that we have a number of old-fashioned heating systems in our homes. Older heaters often rely on oil for fuel, which was the staple for many years, but it now being slowly phased out in favor of more efficient and cleaner-burning fuels. The good news is that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get rid of your existing heater, especially if it’s still running strong. An oil-to-gas conversion will refit it to burn natural gas and provide a number of terrific benefits in the bargain.


Oil is a reliable fuel source, but it’s supremely inefficient. That means it costs much more for an oil-fired heater to run than a heater relying on other kinds of fuel. Considering how cold our winters get and how much heat you require to keep your home comfortable, that can add up to quite a bit. Indeed, when factored in over time, the savings could completely cover the cost of the conversion.

Furthermore, oil is not a clean-burning fuel, and as time goes on, older furnaces tend to exacerbate the issue. Natural gas burns very cleanly, which means you’ll be helping the environment by making an oil-to-gas conversion as well as putting money back in your pocket.


A trained technician must perform the conversion, which typically takes place in stages. The technician examines your system and provides an estimate of conversion costs, which usually involves running in gas piping to fuel the system as well as making key changes in the system’s components to let it run on gas. Once the gas service is turned on, you can begin using your converted heater immediately.

Now is the time to make such changes, before the weather gets too cold. Call the professionals at BZ Dependable to learn more!

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