There are a lot of different plumbing problems you can have in your Westwood, NJ home, from burst pipes in the winter to tree roots rupturing sewer lines. Drain vent problems are fairly common, but you have to know what to look for before you call in a plumber. Learning to spot the signs of a drain vent problem can give you a leg up on getting it fixed quickly.

The drain vent serves to carry sewer gases out of the home and release them safely into the atmosphere. That way, they don’t build up on your home. They also work to bring oxygen into your home, which helps break waste down in your pipes as well as maintaining the the correct pressure both sides of plumbing traps (which also keep the sewage smell out of your house).

As you may have guessed, an unpleasant odor is the first, best sign that there is a problem with your drain vent. That’s the smell of gas escaping into your home. Another way to spot a potential problem with the vent is to look for a slowly draining sink, or listening for a distinct gurgling noise when the water drains down. You can also spot telltale signs of a problem if your toilet sends bubbles up when you flush it. The causes of such problem can vary, but usually add up to either a corroded drain, or a drain that has become clogged with leaves, ices or other debris. Towns like Westwood, NJ are fairly old, and our homes may be equally old. Drains that aren’t up to current codes may have horizontal lengths that exacerbate these problems.

When you notice a drain vent problem, it pays to call in a professional. BZ Dependable has the experience and know-how to handle plumbing in Westwood, NJ, and can address your drain vent problems with courtesy and professionalism. We make customer service our top priority, and we know how difficult it can be to wait when your drain exude a foul odor or your sinks won’t drain the way they should. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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