Bergenfield, NJ has its share of restaurants and similar commercial enterprises, and if you’re an owner or a manager of such an enterprise, you need to know what kind of necessities your plumbing requires. You’re likely familiar with them already, but they’re absolutely indispensable — and legally required — for the kind of business you run. When looking for a quality plumbing service, you want one that can not only handle commercial plumbing systems, but the specific appliances required by restaurants and food preparation services. We’ve listed three of them below, to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.


If you run a restaurant, you should be able to provide ice water at every occupied seat. You also need ice for other beverages, and as a part of cooking and keeping foodstuffs cold. A good ice machine needs to be sized properly to fit the needs of your business, and maintained regularly to prevent leaks, poor temperature control and other common problems.


Grease traps are installed in your drain line and are designed to catch hot fat, grease and oil before they slide further into your pipes. They have a tendency to cool in the pipes, which can create a terrible clog if you’re not careful. Grease traps are necessary to any restaurant, but they need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and maintenance and repair services are an absolute necessity.


Commercial water heaters are no different in concept than residential boilers. The big difference is the size and the amount of water it’s expected to provide, owing to increased demand for cleaning, cooking and dishwashing purposes. As with ice machines, you need to size your commercial water heater carefully and schedule regular maintenance sessions to avoid any unexpected breakdowns.

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