There are two main lines that help with your home’s entire plumbing system: the main water line, which brings in potable water for use, and the sewer or septic line, which carries away waste and wastewater. These lines are entrenched in your yard, so knowing when a problem develops with them can be a little tough to decipher. Today we’re going to give you some signs of which to be aware of in case it’s time to replace your sewer line in Bergen County, NJ.

Reading the Signs

As you can tell from our headline, one of the telltale signs of sewer line problems is puddling in your yard. We aren’t talking about puddles that can develop during rainy weather, we are talking about soggy spots and actual puddles that are there all the time, rain or shine. Accompanying the puddles may be our second sign: the strong odor of sewage. The odor is the result of gas leaking from your sewer line along with the wastewater, creating quite a smell. Other less innocuous but equally telling signs may come from your toilet. When there’s a problem with your sewer or septic line, the toilet water may bubble or gurgle when you use the sink close to it; your toilet also may not flush properly or refill with enough water after a flush. Lastly, if all the drains in your home seem slow to drain, this may be a sign that there is a problem with the sewer line.


Anytime your sewer or septic line needs replacing, you must use a trained professional. There are a number of codes involved with correctly installing a sewer or septic pipe, and incorrect installation can lead to multiple problems, some of which that can contaminate your home’s drinking water.

If you have concerns that your sewer or septic line may have issues, call the experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., right away.

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